LEDstrips & profiles - A guide


You can create variations with Light by Meter, limited only by your imagination. But how do you choose LEDstrip really and how do you know which profile is best suited to your project?

As long as you just spend a little time to plan your illumination, you will be rewarded with a perfect result - light is basically just about creating a good feeling. 

Find out first what the environmental conditions are. For example: House type and stile? Concealed or visible installation? Control? Is the illumination to be functional or decorative, maybe both? An LEDstrip running along a railing shows the way while one under a bench in the garden has a decorative effect that attracts attention. 

Pondering over which application you need lighting for makes it easier to choose LEDstrip and profile for your project. In the catalogue, you can follow a guide that will lead you in your choices to find the right illumination for just your project.


But that’s not all. If you want to be one of the best installers in the country of LEDstrip and LEDstrip solutions, you can apply to our training course or get in touch with your local Hide-a-lite retailer for more information.