Cover Natural 16 mm

Accessory Cover Natural 16mm, 2m. Suitable for our Profile Lean. The cover is semi-transparent and absorbs some light, which means the lumen output is a little softer than a clear cover. Range of uses include in cabinets or other interior fittings where profile with LEDstrip and cover are concealed.

Cover Piece Natural 16mm 2m

GTIN 7392971125305
Item Name Cover Piece Natural 16mm 2m
Color and material
Material Polycarbonate
Color Transparent
Measurement and installation
Operation Environment Indoor, Outdoor
Installation Built-in
Approval Marks CE
Filament Test IEC 695-2-1(°C) 650
Length (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 16
Height (mm) 4
Weight (kg) 0,047

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