Comfort G3 Tilt DALI

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Comfort G3 Tilt DALI
Comfort G3 Tilt DALI
With its high lumen output, fantastic colour rendering and high efficiency, Comfort G3 is in a class of its own. High performance IP44 downlight, just as good for general lighting at home as in public spaces. Luminaire with Ø73-84mm cut-out. Complete with mains dimmable driver, push-in terminal for through wiring and strain relief for cable or flex hose 16 mm.
Exists in one color


GTIN Item Name Colour Temperature (K) Luminaire Lumen (lm)
Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White Tune 7392971136042 Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White Tune 2700 520
Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White 2700K 7392971136059 Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White 2700K 2700 650
Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White 3000K 7392971136066 Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White 3000K 3000 690

Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White Tune

GTIN 7392971136042
Item Name Comfort G3 Tilt DALI White Tune
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Light Source LED
Light Source Included Yes
Replaceability Non-replaceaable LED, Replaceable Control gear by professional
LED Colour Tune
Colour Temperature (K) 2700
Range Colour Temperature (K) Tune 2000-2700
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) >95
Colour Consistency (SDCM) 3
Initial Chromaticity x:0.4429 y:0.4031
Luminous Intensity (cd) 1170
Luminaire Lumen (lm) 520
Beam Angle (°) 36
Light sharing
Light Outlet Direct
Number of Lamps (pcs) 1
Number of LED (pcs) 1
Life Time L80 100 000h Ta 25°C
Nominel Life Time (h) 50000
Lumen maintenance 50 000h L90
Lumen maintenance 75 000h L86
Lumen maintenance 100 000h L82
LLMF @ 50 000h 0,9
LLMF @ 100 000h 0,82
Life Time Driver 50 000h/10%
Technical data
Adjustable Yes
Tiltable (°) 25
Voltage (type) AC
Voltage Interval (V) 220...240
Voltage Nominal (V) 230
Line Frequency (Hz) 50, 60
Power LED (W) 6,5
Power Luminaire (W) 8
System Power (W) 8
Efficiency Luminaire (lm/W) 65
Efficiency System (lm/W) 65
Containing light source energy efficiency class (EU) 2019/2015 F
Operation and Connection
Driver Included Yes
Driver Model Constant Current
Driver Type Stand Alone
Driver Manufacturer Hide-a-lite
Connection (type) Quick Terminal
Connection (mm2) 4x0,5-2,5
Through Wiring Yes
Strain Relief Yes
Constant Current (mA) 180
Operating Temperature -20…+40
Max. Tc (°C) 85
Dimmable Yes
Type of Dimming Push 230V, DALI 2
Dimming secondary side AM
Memory Function Power Failure No
Fuse B10 (pcs) 51
Fuse B16 (pcs) 81
Fuse C10 (pcs) 85
Fuse C16 (pcs) 137
Color and material
Material Diecasted, Aluminium
Color White
Environmental Assessment SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen
Measurement and installation
Operating Environment Indoor / bathroom (ceiling area 1), Outdoor
IP Degree of Protection 44
Protection Class II
Installation Built-in
Mounting Installation Mounting Spring
Ceiling Thickness Interval (mm) 3-26
Fire Safety Marks Not in insulation without protection cover
Protection Cover 7466700, 7466701, 7466702
Approval Marks CE, SELV
Height (mm) 41
Diameter (mm) 95
Weight (kg) 0,3
Min. Built-in (mm) 400x230x48
Min. Air Volume (cm3) 4400
Height Recessed Part (mm) 38
Height Exterior Part (mm) 3
Built-in Ø (mm) 73-84

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