LED-trafo VST

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LED-trafo VST
LED-trafo VST
LED-trafo VST
DC voltage transformer for 12/24V LED with improved technology and wide power range. Can be used from zero to max. power (0-70W). The driver is designed to work perfectly with our LED dimmers. IP20.


GTIN Item Name
LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W 7392971123578 LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W
LED-trafo VST 24VDC 70W 7392971123592 LED-trafo VST 24VDC 70W
LED-trafo VST 24VDC 150W 7392971123615 LED-trafo VST 24VDC 150W

LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W

GTIN 7392971123578
Item Name LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W
Warranty 5 years
Operation and Connection
Driver Model Constant Voltage
Driver Type Stand Alone
Connection (type) Quick Terminal
Connection (mm2) 3x0,5-2,5
Strain Relief Yes
Secondary Connection (mm2) 4x0,5-2,5
Secondary Outputs (pair) 2
Power Interval for Catalogue (W) 0-70
Operating Temperature -40…+45
Max. Tc (°C) 70
Dimmable No
Type of Dimming OnOff
Protection Against Short Circuit, Overload, Overheating 110°C
Fuse B10 (pcs) 9
Fuse B16 (pcs) 15
Fuse C10 (pcs) 15
Fuse C16 (pcs) 25
Color and material
Color White
Environmental Assessment SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen
Measurement and installation
Operating Environment Indoor / dry locations
IP Degree of Protection 20
Protection Class I
Fire Safety Marks MM-mark
Approval Marks CE, Kema Keur
Length (mm) 240
Width (mm) 60
Height (mm) 49
Weight (kg) 0,32
Built-in Ø (mm) 73

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