LED-trafo VST

DC voltage transformer for 12/24V LED with improved technology and wide power range. Can be used from zero to max. power (0-70W). The driver is designed to work perfectly with our LED dimmers. IP20.


GTIN Item Name
LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W 7392971123578 LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W
LED-trafo VST 24VDC 70W 7392971123592 LED-trafo VST 24VDC 70W
LED-trafo VST 24VDC 150W 7392971123615 LED-trafo VST 24VDC 150W

LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W

GTIN 7392971123578
Item Name LED-trafo VST 12VDC 70W
Operation and Connection
Driver Model Constant Voltage
Driver Type Stand Alone
Connection (type) Quick Terminal
Connection (mm2) 3x0,5-2,5
Strain Relief Yes
Secondary Connection (mm2) 4x0,5-2,5
Secondary Outputs (pair) 2
Protection Against Short Circuit, Overload, Overheating 110°C
Power Interval for Catalogue (W) 0-70
Operating Temperature -40…+45
Max. Tc (°C) 70
Dimmable No
Fuse B10 (pcs) 9
Fuse B16 (pcs) 15
Fuse C10 (pcs) 15
Fuse C16 (pcs) 25
Color and material
Color White
Measurement and installation
Operation Environment Indoor
IP Degree of Protection 20
Fire Safety Marks MM-mark
Approval Marks CE, Kema Keur
Protection Class I
Length (mm) 240
Width (mm) 60
Height (mm) 49
Weight (kg) 0,32
Min. Built-in (Ø mm) 73
Max. Built-in (Ø mm) 73

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