Profile Indicate

An elegant and decorative wall illumination that directs the light at an angle towards the floor. Suitable as guide lighting in stairways, corridors and other kinds of pathways. The length can be adapted for the application in question. Complemented with end pieces for a uniform framing. Covers can be chosen for increased security and desired light pattern. Refer to the tabular summary under the document tab for suitable LEDstrips.
Exists in one color

Profile Indicate Alu 2m

GTIN 7392971125411
Item Name Profile Indicate Alu 2m
Color and material
Material Aluminium
Color Aluminum
Measurement and installation
Operation Environment Indoor, Outdoor
Installation Built-in
Mounting Installation Mounting Spring
Approval Marks CE
Width (mm) 23
Height (mm) 90
Depth (mm) 2000
Weight (kg) 1,4

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