5 year guarantee

From 1 May 2017, Elektro Elco AB will provide a 5 year product guarantee on all* Hide-a-lite branded products. Where the guarantee terms are met, Elektro Elco will replace or repair the product free of charge. Replacement does not include costs for dismantling, assembly, transportation or similar.

*Unless any other guarantee period is detailed in the product sheet or in information provided online or in the manual.

Download our guarantee terms here.

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General guarantee terms

  • The guarantee applies provided that the product has been installed, assembled and used in the correct manner in accordance with its specifications, properties and application. The guarantee does not apply to damage or other abnormal external effects.

  • The guarantee covers manufacturing or material faults under normal operating conditions in the intended environment.

  • The guarantee applies from the invoice date if the products have been used and installed in accordance with the above.

  • The guarantee only covers product faults that are caused by proven material, design or production faults that exceed the average nominal failure rate.

  • For electronic devices and components, such as drivers and LED modules, the nominal failure rate is 0.2% per 1,000 hours of operation, unless the average nominal lifetime and failure rate for the product are defined otherwise in the product data sheet, product brochures or similar – see the relevant product details at

  • For LED modules, a reduction in lumen output of up to 0.6% per 1,000 hours of operation corresponds to the definition included in the standard for the technology and is therefore not covered by the guarantee.

  • Colour tolerance – deviation in LED colour (colour temperature) over time is not covered by the guarantee.

  • Due to technical improvements and the natural change in light properties (amount of light and LED colour) during the time of operation, deviations may arise between replacement products and the original products. The replacement product may also differ from the original product in terms of size and design. In such cases, the guarantee only covers exchanging the faulty product.


The guarantee does not cover

A. Drop in production or all other costs arising in connection with rectifying deficiencies or as a consequence of the product not working, such as assembly and dismantling, transportation, waste management, normal troubleshooting, etc.

B. Parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, such as replaceable light sources, batteries and mechanical wear parts.

C. Plastic parts made from e.g. polycarbonate which, due to the natural ageing process, become discoloured or brittle.

D. Faults arising due to compatibility problems between products and installation environments such as control systems and power supply.

E. Any necessary servicing such as new commissioning, software updates, etc.

The guarantee ceases to apply with immediate effect if the customer has carried out changes, repairs, servicing or troubleshooting on the products without having obtained prior written consent from the guarantor.

The customer’s statutory rights are not affected by these guarantee terms.