Lighting in office

The right office lighting for all occasions

In an office environment concentration, creativity and new ideas need to mesh with procedures, meetings and people. Staying perky and alert throughout the working day requires lighting that enables us to focus and remain concentrated and also being inviting to new customers and collaborations. What’s more, if there are light environments with subdued and calm atmospheres, they stimulate our eyesight, allowing for rest and recuperation. Therefore it is important, for example, to avoid discomforting glare.

Lines of office light

We have linear office lighting meeting highly set demands at the light installation for pendant, surface-mounted or recessed installation. The luminaires have high lumen output, good colour rendering and create an even, homogenous light. Making them the obvious choice in public environments such as offices, meeting rooms, corridors, classrooms and conference rooms. Generate creative lines of light in the ceiling or pendant solutions over all of the desks in the office. Most of the luminaires are available in several versions and designs to cover a wide area of application.

Globe G2 Pendant