Moodboard for bathroom lighting. The picture shows among other things Globe and Moon.


LEDstrip solution from Hidealite in bathroom.

Create your own  midweek spa

A bathroom has to work well for the weekday rush as well as when you want to relax – with dimmable lighting and careful positioning you can easily achieve both! Our bathroom range includes everything from traditional downlights and LEDstrip lights to starry skies and now even LED sauna lights.

We have a wide range of downlights that provide good general lighting in the bathroom, with both fixed and adjustable models. A dimmer is almost a must in the bathroom to create cosy and ambient lighting, and be sure to spend a few extra minutes planning how to control your luminaires – you won’t regret it! Divide the lights into different groups as well, to give you even greater control over the lighting.

Tips! Remember to use luminaires with the right IP rating for wet rooms. You can find the IP rating of each luminaire in its technical specification. You can read more about IP ratings on our Support pages.

Finally! LED for saunas

When lighting a sauna it’s important to choose luminaires that are designed for high temperatures. The lighting is best installed in the ceiling near the walls to create attractive raking light or a pattern in the middle of the room. You should, however, avoid placing any lights in the ceiling directly above the heater.

Add a soft fill light concealed under the benches or behind the backrests to create an even cosier feeling. Our range of LED lighting for saunas includes small spotlights and linkable light rails. Heatspot Kit and Heatline are well-suited luminaires for a wonderful warm white light in the sauna.

Sauna illuminated with Heatline from Hidealite.

Hidden LEDstrip solution from Hidealite in bathroom.

A sense of daylight

Concealing LEDstrip lights in a false ceiling creates soft and indirect raking light on the wall. A good complement to downlights if you have some ceiling height to spare or simply want a decorative feature. Our light rails are available in several different colour temperatures and even RGB for those who want to add a little colour (although RGB doesn’t offer warm white light).

Light up the shower

You can certainly place downlights in the shower, but check the IP rating and never place a luminaire directly over the shower head if it’s fixed to the ceiling.

LEDstrip from Hidealite illuminates bathroom and shower.