Bathroom lighting - Tips and inspiration

LEDstrips in bathrooms

Our LED strip and profile solutions enable you to take your bathroom lighting to the next level. A linear light can create both interesting lighting solutions in the ceiling as well as a linear raking light along a wall. Raise the colour choice and material in your bathroom using our LED strips. Remember to use luminaires with the correct IP degree of protection in bathrooms and that a higher classification applies, for example, closest to bathtubs and showers.


Concealing LED strip lights in a false ceiling creates soft and indirect light on the wall. A good complement to downlights if you have some ceiling height to spare or simply want a decorative feature.

Our LED strips are available in several colour temperatures from warm white to cold white and as Tunable White, with an adjustable colour temperature which becomes warmer when dimming down, and with RGB and RGBW. We’ve got every lighting alternative to create the right mood in your bathroom.


With downlights you’ll get a classic bathroom light. Or something completely unexpected. It all depends on where you choose to position them. You can certainly place downlights in the shower, but check the IP degree of protection and never place a luminaire directly over the shower head if it’s fixed to the ceiling.



When lighting a sauna it’s important to choose luminaires that are designed for high temperatures. The lighting is best installed in the ceiling near the walls to create attractive light or a pattern in the middle of the room. You should, however, avoid placing any lighting in the ceiling directly above the oven.

Sauna illuminated with Heatline from Hidealite.

Classic mirror luminaires

Choose a mirror lighting solution with an opal cover or ceiling cover for a soft, pleasant lighting effect. Install the lighting above the mirror or to the side. Choose from our range of mirror luminaires or create a unique LED strip solution with or without a profile to suit your particular mirror lighting.

Lighting for the utility room

In the utility room you need good working light to be able to sort socks, fold jumpers or iron shirts. Choose a downlight solution with spotlights from our wide range with different colour temperatures, beam angles and lighting experiences. Or why not a modern LED strip and profile solution to give a linear light?