Living room lighting

Room to socialise in

Many modern houses are open plan with large rooms where family members eat, watch TV, play games and do their homework. In order to achieve good general lighting with downlights in homes it helps to adapt the lighting to how the different spaces are used.

Well thought-through lighting

We often recommend placing the lighting along a wall, in part because an illuminated wall appears larger and in part to create ambience by, for example, illuminating a collection of pictures. If you like, you can choose a wall that is clearly visible when you enter the room to create an eye-catching focal point.

Consider the controls! If you divide the lighting between different switches, you can vary the lighting to suit how the room is currently being used. Most of our luminaires are dimmable with many of the most commonly available dimmers on the market.

Track systems in the living room

Direct the light from your LED spotlights onto what you want to highlight and form. Create everything from good work lighting to a cosy mood lighting with ceiling-mounted spotlights. With spotlights installed on tracks or in the ceiling you get a flexible lighting solution. Also suited for use with high, angled ceilings where the luminaire can be tilted and rotated.

Multifunctional TV room

Many of today’s TV rooms are also playrooms or family rooms, which require strong lighting when cleaning as well as softer, cosier lighting for the evening. With good control and dimmers you can use the same luminaires for both purposes. Adjustable luminaires also enable you to change the room’s use as the years go by.

Light the way

Illuminating passages ensures good general lighting in areas where you’re often on the move. This can be combined with highlighting small details such as a wall of pictures or with a contrasting texture to create more dynamic and varied lighting.