Hall and entrance

Welcome home!

The first thing you see when entering a home is the hall - a space that we often want to be bright and airy. We appreciate bright lighting here because it makes the space seem larger.

Light-coloured walls

With adjustable downlights you can light the walls, which makes the space feel larger and brighter. Light-coloured walls reflect light well, while slightly darker walls absorb more of the light in the room.

A long hallway can benefit from lighting that emphasises the shape of the space by placing them in a line, either centrally or along a wall. One practical solution is to direct light at the coat rack.

Variety in lighting

Wall fixtures provide decorative light distribution, creating dramatic patterns on the wall. What’s more, they double as guiding lights in the evening. Choose between upward, downward, bidirectional and omnidirectional light distribution for additional impact.

Indicate Multi from Hidealite serves as a directional light next to the bedroom.

Stairway lighting

With accent lighting in a staircase you can find your way safely even during the night. If you don’t want to use step lighting, you can fit downlights in the ceiling or LED strip lights under the handrail instead.