Group picture of downlights with drivers like Comfort G3 and Globe, from Hide-a-lite.

Our product portfolio proudly presents a wide range of downlights.

The product names mirror everything from their function and design to installation advantages. Of course, this might not always be as obvious to you the customer. That’s why we would like to explain the names and functions of some of our biggest families in order to make it clearer for you when you’re selecting downlights from Hide-a-lite.

SMART - Our Smart solution integrates a push-in, loop-in, loop-out terminal block and occasionally also driver directly in the luminaire, which makes them extremely easy to install. Use the pre-wired cabling without external joints - connect easily from luminaire to luminaire. Perfect when space is limited.
QUICK - Med våra armaturer som har Quick-lösning får du snabba installationer,  då de levereras kompletta och kan sättas i alla typer tak. Det perfekta  valet när du inte vet förutsättningarna för installationen, eftersom de  kan sättas i t.ex. nedreglade tak eller i vår Spot Guard Gles. 
OPTIC - Our luminaire with reflector technology is optimised to create a highly glare-free and sharp light distribution that directs the light on whatever you want to emphasise.
COMFORT - Our luminaires with Comfort Lens replaces classic halogen light. Comfort Lens gives a soft and pleasant light distribution with high luminous comfort.
LEVEL - Level has a unique function when, without tools, you lower the point of light to adjust glare and appearance of the luminaire. Gives a pleasant and highly glare-free light.
GLOBE - Modern and exclusive luminaire family. The cupped reflector with deeply placed light source gives a highly glare-free light. The appearance of the luminaire can be emphasised with accessories such a reflectors in various colours.