Circular is the only straight line

For us, sustainability means circular thinking in which we reuse and recycle resources over time. As early as 2004, we launched our first LED light source and energy consumption fell – an important step towards an ever more sustainable society. Today, we don’t just want our products to be made from innovative and renewable materials – it must also be possible for them to be reused and used as raw materials for new products at the end of their lifetimes, as the next step towards a light and sustainable future. With sustainability in focus, luminaires are developed that are not just good for our customers but also for our environment, our planet – our home. We do it together.

Attitudes to how we think about the environment and our products have never been as topical as they are today. We work hard at quality assuring luminaires and giving them a longer life cycle. We have therefore produced a symbol.

A Hide-a-lite choice is our symbol which, through the quality assurance of products, gives you as a customer an easy choice to do the right thing for the environment. 

Products that carry this symbol meet the criteria that both the LED and driver are replaceable – you can easily take the luminaire apart and replace parts after use and then reuse it. Another criterion is that the product consists of recycled material, such as plastics from the ocean. We reuse more and save the planet’s resources – sustainable over time, for a sustainable society facing a lighter future.