We adapt to you.

At Hide-a-lite we offer you a wide range of luminaires to illuminate different places with varying conditions. Sometimes you might not find the particular product you are looking for in our range. In such cases we can offer lighting solutions adapted to your specific needs. In our production we tailor products according to our customers requirements, such as cutting and soldering LEDstrips in the right lengths or cutting profiles. We can deliver complete and customised luminaires no matter the size of the project – all to facilitate, save time and simplify installation at the end customer.


Quick-connection terminals with Linect

Q-Box Mini is a connection box with a 2-in-1 function for traditional through wiring to a terminal block or the Linect quick-connection system. The connection box gives a quick and tool-free installation, with 3 or 5 pole push-in terminals for through wiring and screwless strain relief for cable or flex hose16mm. Prepared for the universal quick connection system Linect 3 and 5 pole systems and is compatible with regular quick connection systems on the market such as Wieland, Ensto, Wago/Winsta.
Q-Box Mini with Linect can be combined with several products from our range. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer support if you need special customisation.

DALI adaptations

Did you know that by using our DALI drivers you can get a number of our products adapted to DALI installations?
Choose between:
Converter DALI 350mA - E-no: 7392971135410
Converter DALI 180mA - E-no: 7392971130170

Luminaires that can be ordered with Converter DALI: 
 Converter DALI 180mA
Converter DALI 350mA
Comfort G3 Optic XL
 Comfort G3 Tilt Optic Box II
 Globe G2 Recessed Solo Mini G2 
 Optic Box I Optic XL 
 Optic Box II - 2 drivers with separate controls  Optic XL Tilt
 Optic L Quick ISO (Drivers, non-ISO)  

Customised LEDstrips and profiles

With our popular and wide range of LEDstrips and profiles the possibilities are just about inexhaustible. Our production specialists are able to make most customer adaptations. All to make life as simple as possible for the installation electricians. By ordering customer-adapted products you can shorten your time significantly out on-site. Here are some of the customisations we can offer:

Soldering of LEDstrips
Cutting profiles to desired lengths
Mounting LEDstrip in profile
Mounting of drivers and accessories


For a selection of downlights and aluminium profiles we offer coating in special colours, take a look at the colour chart below. These colours are available on a selection of articles at a surcharge. Luminaires are also available in other colours. We cooperate with a local provider of coating services, which means that your products will be delivered within 4-6 weeks, possibly longer for larger quantities. Accessories are also available for our downlights, such as rings of various colours or reflectors to add further colour and change the appearance of your products. We can also supply coloured cables for several of our pendant luminaires.


Select texture

MATT 30*


*Recommended for downlights and reflectors in order to obtain the best light experience

**Recommended for profiles to avoid visible fingerprints after touching

Select colour.

Should you have any questions, please contact our customer service at +46 - 36 - 290 60 00.