Shop lighting

Shop lighting that gives character

Let details and products come into their own with lighting that emphasises the character of the shop. Guide the customer through the shop and create inspiring displays that outline a clear path. With varying light levels, shifting light colours and different lighting principles, you can create interesting and expressive environments that put the products in focus. In certain environments you can even reinforce a brand or promote a certain mood that you wish to be connected to your brand. 

It’s in the details

In additional to our Tracklight series there are also accessories that can change the light distribution and increase anti-glare. Barn doors are used to catch and screen off lateral light. They increase the anti-glare factor and make it easy to create well-defined light distribution. Honeycomb baffles that stop lateral light in all directions and increases the anti-glare factor, giving a soft light without sharp shadows.

Cap is used to screen off the light and increase the anti-glare factors in optional directions. Used to screen off the light and increase the anti-glare factor, can be combined with honeycomb baffles. Or why not change to another reflector? Choose black or brass to strengthen the aesthetic expression of the luminaire whilst it gives a pleasant and glare-free light. To change the beam angle, there are also reflectors in shiny silver, 15°, 36° or 60°.