Moodboard for kitchen lighting. The picture shows among other things moon.


Kitchen with lighting solution from Hidealite.

From daytime practicality to cosy weekends

The kitchen is a part of the home where we spend a great deal of time, whether preparing food or hanging out. Different occasions place different demands on the lighting and it’s a good idea to take the time to consider what kind of lighting environments you’d like in your kitchen.

Work surfaces

In the kitchen it’s important to ensure that all work surfaces are well lit. Where there are wall cabinets you can easily fit lights under them, and we have several approved spotlights for recessing in cabinetry with low build heights for this purpose. They can be recessed in cabinets and shelves, enabling you to illuminate small areas where this wasn’t previously possible.

LED Extend from Hidealite illuminates kitchen.

Globe G2 Pendant from Hidealite in modern kitchen.  


If you don’t have wall cabinets it’s a good idea to install lighting in the ceiling above work surfaces. We recommend placing the lighting centrally over each worktop to ensure the best possible lighting without any shadows from whoever is working in the kitchen. We also recommend lighting in front of fridges, freezers and high cabinets.

Framing with lights

With concealed light rails you can highlight details and create ambiance in small spaces. They provide a wonderful raking light on walls, ceilings and floors depending on their placement.

Tips! With a dimmer you can easily switch from bright lighting for cleaning to softer, ambient lighting. Most of our luminaires can be dimmed with the most commonly available dimmers on the market.

LEDstrip recessed in ceiling from Hidealite creates exciting lighting solution in a kitchen.