Kitchen lighting - Tips and inspiration

Downlights in the kitchen

If you don’t have wall cabinets it’s a good idea to install lighting in the ceiling above work surfaces. We recommend placing the lighting centrally over each worktop to ensure the best possible lighting without any shadows from whoever is working in the kitchen. We also recommend lighting in front of fridges, freezers and high cabinets.
Optic Box I
Globe G2 Recessd
Core Smart


Our popular Globe family comes in recessed, surface-mounted and pendant designs. Combine and create an exciting kitchen environment with lighting at different levels. All the products in the family come with Tune, which adjusts the colour temperature to a warmer light when you dim down.

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Spotlights in the kitchen

Focus the light from your LED spotlights on what you want to highlight and shape. Create everything from good work lighting to wonderful mood lighting with spotlights in the ceiling. With spotlights mounted on a contact rail or in the ceiling, you get a flexible lighting solution. Also suitable for high, angled ceilings as the luminaire can be tilted and rotated.
Focus Track micro 1-fas
Focus Track micro 1-fas BLACK
Focus Track Micro

Adjustable kitchen lighting

Focus Track micro 1-fas

It’s all in the details

Barndoors Focus

Framing with light

With concealed light lists you can highlight details and create ambiance in small spaces. They provide a wonderful light on walls, ceilings and floors depending on their placement. With a dimmer you can easily adjust the working light from a light when cleaning to a soft mood lighting. Most of our luminaires can be dimmed with the most commonly available dimmers on the market.

Create exciting contrasts with the lighting

Sometimes we want the lighting to harmonise. In a white kitchen you can go for a white pendant luminaire. However if you choose a black one you will create a contrast to the white wall or tiling. The black pendant luminaire can also highlight other black details in the room even more. Another way of creating contrasts is to dare to leave surfaces without lighting. In this way an exciting contrast between light and shadow can be created.

Our lighting is designed to make a statement - if you want.