Moodboard for outdoor lighting. The picture shows among other things Comfort Quick Outdoor.


Comfort Quick Outdoor from Hidealite illuminate entrance.

Extend the garden season

Successful outdoor lighting means easily finding your way around and perceiving the space as it looks during the day – but without being dazzled. By illuminating your garden, you can enjoy it all year round with a comfy feeling! LED lighting is great for outdoor use. A colder ambient temperature even extends the lifetime.

Cone from Hidealite illuminate white facade.

Think out of the box

Outdoor lighting provides a welcoming impression and a greater sense of security. Why not use an outdoor twilight switch or motion sensor to save energy?

Wall fixtures are the most common type of facade illumination but nowadays there are a number of outdoor products for home environments, which give you alternative possibilities for illuminating facades. Maybe a solution using LEDstrips would be good or eaves-mounted spots, ground spots or wooden decking spots that would give your house a unique emphasis. Be bold and think outside the box!


Why not use several small spots of light to illuminate greenery such as trees and shrubs? Low power ratings save energy and also help you avoid excessive contrast, which can appear dazzling.

Illuminating trees in most cases is extremely striking but there are other things to take into account: Do you have an Automower? If you do then it will limit the products that can be used. If there is lighting nearby then it’s a good idea to match it with a similar LED colour in your luminaire. And carefully select the trees to be illuminated. You don’t have to always illuminate all of them, you can choose just a couple to create striking contrasts in your garden.

Spotlight Garden from Hidealite illuminates vegetation in the garden.

Edge from Hidealite illuminated wall and walkway.


Good decorative effects can be achieved by using accent lighting on staircases and decking or to mark out pathways. Light falling on different types of materials provides an interesting and varied visual experience.

Lights in the ground or decking for example can be used to highlight a plank or emphasise the shape of a patio. We sell recessed ground lighting kits, complete with luminaires and transformers for easy installation.

Summer and winter illumination

Last but not least: Think about summer and winter illumination and select the unique parts of your garden you want to light up.

Summer and winter lighting means you think through the illumination for all four seasons. Perhaps there are som areas you don’t consider necessary during the winter months? While during the summer you would rather these areas be illuminated when you are outdoors more. Are there any bushes/trees that would be spectacular to light up during the winter months or a vine that would be really wonderful in summer?

Choose spots mounted on ground spikes and place the cable above ground. In this way you can move and adapt the lighting to the trees/bushes that are pretty to illuminate depending on the season. The possibilities are endless!

LEDstrip solution from Hidealite creates atmospheric lighting in a garden.