Outdoor lighting - Tips and inspiration

Extend the garden season

Successful outdoor lighting means easily finding your way around and perceiving the space as it looks during the day – but without being dazzled. By illuminating your garden, you can enjoy it all year round with a comfy feeling! LED lighting is great for outdoor use. A colder ambient temperature even extends the lifetime.


Our energy-efficient LED floodlights in IP65 design are perfectly suited to light bushes and trees, for example. You also use lighting to create different spaces in the garden or to illuminate the facade. Our floodlights can be mounted on walls, ceilings or ground, in private or public environments. Available in different sizes and design with different light distribution. LED floodlights are developed and produced to withstand our Nordic climate.

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12V-system - Stylish and striking 12V LED-luminaires with low energy consumption which increase security around your property. Functional and decorative lighting of wooden decking, bushes, trees, steps, and pathways with LED 12V. A common connection system also makes for a simple installation in the entire garden.


Outdoor lighting creates a welcoming impression and increases security around the property Downlights for outdoor lighting - Downlights outdoors in fixed or adjustable design with surface coating that can withstand Nordic outdoor climate. A wide range of downlights with LED for outdoors suitable for public as well as private environment, such as entrances, eaves, carport, and also in sloping constructions.


Outdoor lighting provides a welcoming impression and a greater sense of security. Why not use an outdoor twilight switch or motion sensor to save energy?

Wall fixtures are the most common type of facade illumination but nowadays there are a number of outdoor products for home environments, which give you alternative possibilities for illuminating facades. Maybe a solution using LEDstrips would be good or eaves-mounted spots, ground spots or wooden decking spots that would give your house a unique emphasis. Be bold and think outside the box!


Wall luminaires suitable to illuminate the facade or entrance and give a welcoming impression. Choose between our modern and classic wall luminaires in different shapes and colours. All our luminaires are developed and adapted to withstand the Nordic climate.

LED luminaires and deck lighting for ground, flooring and wooden decking

Our modern LED luminaires and deck lights for ground, floor, wooden decking or other board materials. Provide both functional and decorative lighting for wooden decking, walls, pathways, stairs, trees and bushes. Can withstand being walked on without damaging the luminaire, lens or light source.


Last but not least: think about summer and winter illumination and select the unique parts of your garden you want to light up.

Summer and winter lighting means you think through the illumination for all four seasons. Perhaps there are som areas you don’t consider necessary during the winter months? While during the summer you would rather these areas be illuminated when you are outdoors more. Are there any bushes/trees that would be spectacular to light up during the winter months or a vine that would be really wonderful in summer?

Choose spots mounted on ground spikes and place the cable above ground. In this way you can move and adapt the lighting to the trees/bushes that are pretty to illuminate depending on the season. The possibilities are endless!

LED strips in the garden

Many of our LED strips can be obtained with higher IP degrees of protection and in 230V versions, making them suitable for use in gardens, for example. Light up your firewood shack, cushion box or maybe a wooden bench. Only your imagination can limit what you can do.

Did you know that many of our downlights can also be installed outdoors!

Dimmable outdoor luminaires