Complete light package – a customised LEDstrip solution

At Copenhagen Admiral Hotel you can stay in the heart of Copenhagen, right next to the Royal Palace Amalienborg and opposite the capital's Opera house. In close cooperation with Solar Denmark, we at Hide-a-lite were able to create a customised lighting package...

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Led-paneeli luentosalin valaistus

Stockholms university

Stockholm University is a venue for people of different nationalities and with different backgrounds. The strong connection between research and teaching guarantees a high quality of education. In several exam rooms the LED panel Skylite is installed and contributes to functional working light...

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Large illuminated cap for dancers

- The dream was to create a great public place for dance at Råslätt. That became our vision. Says Katarina Bonnevier, one of the members of the Arts and Architecture group MYCKET. She has been involved in creating a creative and playful proposal resulting in...

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Delicacy shop illuminated with both tracklights and downlights

Just west of Södertälje south of Stockholm, popular Turinge Ost & Vin is located - a delicacy shop with well-sorted cheese and charcuterie, where the focus is set on quality products from France, Switzerland and Italy mainly. The lighting includes black tracklights...

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Stuk – Complete lighting concept for a bakery

A bakery, wine bar and café in the city center of Jönköping where you can enjoy coffee, pizza and freshly baked bread in a homely environment. The lighting here is a part of the bakery's interior design concept and is installed as well over bar counters and coffee tables, as in the cozy living room...

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Scandic Kødbyen

Scandic Kødbyen – hotel illuminated with tracklights

Scandic Kødbyen is a hotel with a room for variety. The hotel is designed to fit into the urban and artistic environment that characterizes Copenhagen's slaughterhouse area, or Kødbyen as it is named – and the lighting is no exception...

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The lighting at Hotel Turun Seurahuone enhances your hotel stay

Hotel Turun Seurahuone, located in the heart of Turku, opened its doors for the first time in the 1920s. This classic and elegant hotel, designed by Turku architects, has undergone...

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Norra Tornen

Lighting with LEDstrip in NorraTornen

Function, aesthetics and vision in modern homes. It is a striking description of Norra Tornen in Vasastan, one of Stockholm's most visionary and expansive neighbourhoods. With our wide range of LEDstrips...

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Ideal interior lighting at OAS Communications Agency

OAS's communications agency is just as it sounds - an oasis, amid a stressful everyday life. As a red thread, colours and interior, balance to a harmonious and illuminated office for digital...

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Light gray kitchen illuminated with Bright Eye Square I from Hidealite at home at Johanna Haglund, Design of.

At home with entrepreneur Johanna Haglund

Close to sea, forest and fields in the small archipelago village of Saxemara outside Ronneby is a large wooden building in a modern style with straight lines. Stepping into the house is literally like walking into a “genuine” descaled Nordic bright home. Each thing has its place...

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Kohdevalaistus ravintola

Asian Bank Office - Asian food and Nordic lighting

Tasty dishes that are ordered one-by-one and shared with each other. This is an apt description of the serving corner at central Storgatan in Halmstad...

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Kiskovalaisimet liiketilaan

Grafitgrå – café and shop illuminated with track lights

In the small village of Kaxholmen, about 10 km northeast of Jönköping, is this cosy café and shop – Grafitgrå (Graphite Grey). Here you can enjoy home-baked delicacies and several food alternatives while...

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Flexible industrial lighting for logistic centre

Right outside Tranås is OEM Automatic’s logistic centre. Here, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish customers are supplied with goods to...

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Valaistuksen värilämpötilansäätö

Lighting with Tune function in Johanna Berglund’s home @snickargladjen

Out in the forests of Västergötland, outside Ulricehamn live influencer Johanna Berglund and family. They’ve been renovating their dream house since 2010 with everything from sketching facade ideas to create...

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Keittiövalaistus kiskovalaisimet

Kitchen lighting

The colour temperature determines how warm or cool the light is. The choice affects the feeling created in the room and in what way the illuminated space is perceived. 2700K is often felt as soft and dampened while 3000K is more crisp and clear. A warmer colour temperature...

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LED-strip on facade from Hide-a-lite.

Garden illumination - Villa Snickargladjen

What was it that made you want to illuminate your home and garden? Before, we had facade illumination on the house that we put up a few years after moving in. Straight away, we felt it wasn’t what we really wanted. There were...

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Villa Ekhöjden valaistussuunnittelu

Villa Ekhöjden

Maria, Jonas and their daughter Mimmi have built their dream house above an apple-blossom valley with a view of the Vättern lake. It is an area of greenery with forest just around the corner. The plot is located on a hill with stately oaks and with that in mind, the house project name became Villa Ekhöjden (Villa Oakhill).

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Pihavalaistuksen suunnittelu

Decks and garden lighting in focus

With a good lighting of your garden, you can create striking and cosy environments during the summer months, while improving security during the dark winter evenings. The project concerns illuminating...

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Milo from Hidealite lights up the area called Kantarellen in Vetlanda.

Kantarellen - Vetlanda

When the municipality of Vetlanda wanted to enhance a walk and cycle path in the Kantarellen residential area, they chose to give the assignment to lighting designer Erik Olsson. This area had been...

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