"From the tranquil spa area to the inspiring landscapes in secluded reading rooms, the selected lighting perfectly balances the purpose and atmosphere of the rooms"

In one of Denmark's most beautiful natural areas, namely Jutland, HimmerLand welcomes guests from all over the world. The charming former golf hotel has, over the years, become a year-round resort that today offers everything from sports activities to gastronomic experiences for families, friends, couples, and business guests. The vision of a complete experience extends deep into the details. Almost every room is illuminated by products from Hide-a-lite, whose design harmonizes with each building's unique character. From the tranquil spa area to the inspiring landscapes in secluded reading rooms, the selected lighting perfectly balances the purpose and atmosphere of the rooms.

A visit to HimmerLand's Spa is a moment where time stands still. LED strips mounted in profiles along the walls create a soft and pleasant ambient light that serves both as a mood-enhancing accent light and, together with the recessed fixtures in the ceiling, an excellent general lighting source. LED strips are especially useful in spa environments for creating subtle light effects that enhance both aesthetics and atmosphere.

Endless possibilities with LED-strip

The versatility of LED strips is exciting – the possibilities are almost endless. They can be used in many creative ways to enhance the experience. For example, they can be mounted under benches or along walkways to provide discreet and calming orientation lighting. LED strips can be placed behind mirrors with or without profiles to create a soft and pleasant light. A creative example is using LED strips by mounting them around a hot tub or bathtub, where they not only contribute to a nice appearance but also increase safety by illuminating the area. With their long lifespan and energy efficiency, LED strips offer a sustainable solution that can be adapted to various needs and styles.

One of the larger rooms at HimmerLand is equipped with a golf simulator that takes the LED strips RGBW experience to the next level. With the ability to change color, these LED strips can create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. If you want to create the feeling of playing at sunset, you can adjust to warm orange and red hues. For a more refreshing environment, cool blue or green colors can give the feeling of a clear day on the golf course.

To keep the brightness at a comfortable level, the LED strips have been installed so that every other one can be turned on. This means that the light intensity can be adjusted according to the player's preferences and the time of day, which also ensures that the eyes are not strained during longer sessions. Full lighting can also be ideal when you are playing and want every corner of the room to be illuminated, perfect for an intense training session or highlighting the details of the room during a demonstration or event. Using RGBW colors in a room with a golf simulator ultimately enhances the joy of playing and contributes to a more lively gaming experience.

Beyond the bustling spa area, some secluded buildings offer a peaceful retreat. These buildings are ideal for study groups or business teams who wish to work on their projects in a relaxed environment. The interior is deliberately simple and functional, with a Spartan charm accentuated by wood details and comfortable leather seats. Some of the rooms offer the possibility of overnight stays, making these buildings a versatile destination for both work and rest. In these spaces, the recessed Globe G2 Recessed fixture has been installed to create the perfect balance between style and functionality. Its cupped reflector and modern design integrate nicely into the ceiling. The fixtures not only provide practical light for work and reading but also create soft and inviting light patterns that bring life to the walls and enhance the atmosphere in kitchens and bedrooms. The subtle lighting in the calm surroundings contributes to an environment that is optimal for both contemplation and concentration.

Here, the lighting is a central part of the overall experience

Visiting HimmerLand is an experience where every detail, including the lighting, is carefully considered to create a memorable stay. Whether it is a relaxing moment in the spa, an inspiring work session, or a round of golf indoors or outdoors, the light from us at Hide-a-lite contributes to an atmosphere that is both practical and visually appealing. It is precisely this attention to detail that makes you long to return to HimmerLand, a place where the lighting is not just part of the decor, but a central part of the overall experience.