Flexible industrial lighting for logistic centre

Right outside Tranås is OEM Automatic’s logistic centre. Here, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish customers are supplied with goods to the motto “The right product at the right time according to the customer's delivery request”.

In conjunction with the extension being made to the stores, industrial lighting was needed that could light up the storage space for proper working conditions – a luminaire for industries needs of flexibility and sustainability. At Hide-a-lite, we are proud to present the Indline IP23 industrial luminaire that today is installed high in the Höganloft stores. 

With a 100,000h life time, the Indline IP23 is an exceptional industrial luminaire in galvanised sheet steel with a market-leading efficiency. Push-in terminals strategically placed on both sides of the luminaire make it possible to use existing cables so you never need to open it up during installation. The luminaire is available in two lengths with three different beam angles to suit many different types of environment – simply an excellent choice for warehouses, industries and convenience goods stores. The Höganloft warehouse is today illuminated well by several Indline IP23 installed on a luminaire rail and requiring minimal maintenance for many years.

OEM Automatic

OEM Automatic is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of components for industrial automation. In a warehouse larger than 7000m2, they have a wide and deep assortment comprising products from leading manufacturers that provide customers with the unique possibility of making their purchases from one and the same supplier.