Lighting with LEDstrip in NorraTornen

Function, aesthetics and vision in modern homes. It is a striking description of Norra Tornen in Vasastan, one of Stockholm's most visionary and expansive neighbourhoods. With our wide range of LEDstrips and profiles, we were able to set the tone already at first glance with the help of hidden lines of light.

Norra Tornen is the common name for modern housing distributed between two tall buildings, Helix and Innovation. The ambition of the buildings was to create strong housing concepts, with architecture, function, and design as important elements. Hide-a-lite delivered indoor lighting to the project's entrance and corridors, which came to play an important role for the overall impression. Meters of LEDstrips were mounted in profiles, that now create a personality for the inner city's new spectacular landmark.

Norra tornen

Norra Tornen is a contemporary architectural work and a unique residential building located in Vasastan's most visionary and expansive neighbourhoods. The towers have a unique, futuristic facade shaped with asymmetrically placed boxes in glass and concrete. The height is part of the character of the buildings, but above all they create new perspectives for the opportunity to live in Stockholm's inner city. Two residential buildings with a 360-degree panoramic view of the capital, speak for themselves.


In the buildings, the elevator takes you up and down, no staircase exists. Above the elevator doors, LEDstrip RX HD IP20 is mounted in Profil-U High with Cover Lens 30 ° and creates a decorative light while showing the way. The LEDstrip has a close LED spacing and together with opal cover, creates a uniform, homogeneous and striking light.

At the entrance of Norra Tornen, there is a bright lounge area. The floor is marbled with large beige tiles and white walls. Along with a window section, long curtains are illuminated by white tracklights, Focus Track Maxi. The lighting creates a pleasant accent light and harmonizes with material selection in the otherwise uncluttered entrance.

Further into the corridors, between the apartments, LEDstrip RX HD IP20 is mounted in Profile-U High together with Cover Lens 30 °. The LEDstrip together with the semi-transparent cover, creates an even, bright line of light but also shadow effects. A hidden installation with striking light along the long narrow walls. The walls and ceilings of the corridors are otherwise completely black, and the floor is lined with a grey carpet, that dampens the sound for the visitors.

With light-in-meter you can create variation where only the imagination sets the boundaries. The lighting in Norra Tornen is an example of creative creation with LEDstrip in concealed installation for long lengths. Our product range includes LEDstrips for both indoor and outdoor environments, which fit equally well in private and public environments. Together with our large profile range, endless opportunities are created.