Industrial lighting for Rasch with practical lighting tips

Rasch manufactures and develops ventilation products in state of the art facilities in Motala that they have chosen to light using the industrial luminaire Indline IP23 from us at Hide-a-lite.

The choice fell on Indline IP23 thanks to its ease of installation. Push-in terminals strategically placed on both sides of the luminaire make it possible to use existing cables so you never need to open the luminaire up during installation. The luminaire is available in two lengths with three different beam angles to suit many different types of environment – simply an excellent choice for warehouses, industries and grocery stores.

“We’re very pleased with the luminaires. They’ve been very easy to install and have met the product requirements for this type of installation. Indline IP23 also gives a pleasant and glare-free light without reflections”, says Magnus Fransson at MSI-El Motala, who is responsible for the installation.

Rasch’s facilities have a ceiling height of more than 8m and today have a well-planned lighting using Indline IP23 XL Medium 840. An on/off-version mounted on wires. With a 100,000h life time, the Indline IP23 is an outstanding industrial luminaire in galvanised sheet steel with a market-leading efficiency which will require a minimum of maintenance for several years to come.

Lighting design

In this project, the customer has received help with lighting calculations from skilled lighting designers. Our team includes several lighting designers with experience from both public and private environments. We can assist you throughout the project with tips and ideas concerning products and technical solutions for light calculations and more detailed lighting designs. You’re welcome to send us your project to [email protected]

A tip for your next installation with industrial lighting

When planning industrial lighting it is important to find out which requirements apply for the business’s various surfaces. Are these for example goods in or out, production surfaces or a warehouse aisle?

Select the product based on the given installation height and desired lighting strength (lux), refer to the table below. Lighting requirements for indoor workplaces can be found in the European and Swedish Standard EN 12464-1. The requirements for illuminance vary between different types of work tasks or areas in an industry with a range between 200-1000 lux.

Efficient luminaires with long service lives mean the facility only requires a minimum of maintenance for many years. Did you know that the energy cost accounts for the greater part of the total cost during the service life of the luminaire?

Example – replacing fluorescent tubes to LED in a warehouse aisle 

Alternative 1

Alternative 2

In the existing warehouse aisle there are 16 2x49W IP23 fluorescent luminaires at a height of 6m. The warehouse aisle has a illuminance of around 250lux. They are now going to be upgraded to LED.

Alt.1 shows a warehouse aisle with 8 Indline IP23 XL Medium 840 (7214786) dipped to 600mA
Saving: 54%

Alt.2 shows a warehouse aisle with 10 Indline IP23 XL Medium 840 (7214786) dipped to 400mA
Saving: 60%

With the new LED lighting, energy costs are minimized and with our Indline IP23, the lighting system is further optimized through DIP switches. This means that the lower dipped the luminaire is, the less wattage and lumen output. You can easily adjust to the correct lumen output to achieve the desired illuminance.

Please contact us if you need help with a comparison calculation of the energy consumption for your project.

Which luminaire shall I choose?

  Open surface  Warehouse aisles
   100 Lux 200 Lux 300 Lux 500 Lux  150-200 Lux
Approximate installation height  3m 5m 3m 5m 3m 5m 7m 10m 3m 5m 7m  10m 3m  5m 7m 10-14m
 Liteline IP44 600  X                              
 Liteline Basic  X    X                          
 Liteline IP44 1200  X  X  X  X  X                    
 Liteline IP65 1200 840  X    X                          
 Liteline IP65 1500 840    X    X  X  X      
 Indline IP23 L Wide beam          X        X
 Indline IP23 XL Wide beam            X      X X        X    
 Indline IP23 L Medium beam            X      
 Indline IP23 L Medium beam            X  X  X    X  X      X  
 Indline IP23 L Narrow beam                              
 Indline IP23 L Narrow beam                              

Select the type of luminaire based on the area of application. Refer to the encapsulation class and other markings under each product.
The luminaires above are not recommended for use in corrosive environments. Examples of corrosive environments are cattle stalls, pig stalls, poultry stalls, car washes, lubrication pits, public baths or the like. In these environments, both luminaires and fasteners must be able to withstand corrosion. Luminaires in plastic must be intended for the environment concerned, and the plastic may need to withstand cleaning agents and corrosive gases such as ammonia.

Here at Hide-a-lite, we would be pleased to help you with your lighting calculations. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more!