What was it that made you want to illuminate your home and garden?

Before, we had facade illumination on the house that we put up a few years after moving in. Straight away, we felt it wasn’t what we really wanted. There were spotlights mounted in the eaves and the light was cut off around the windows, it felt wrong for our “rural” house. We didn’t take on any help and did a bit of what we thought would be nice, which in hindsight we regret. Quite simply an unnecessary expense! That we needed to fix this lighting was hanging over us for many years but it would have been difficult to get done as we didn’t know what we wanted or how to do it. We live in the country and there is no lighting around our house so we dreamed of having an illuminated garden and finally got in touch with Hide-a-lite.

Now your house and garden are illuminated just in time for autumn darkness. What do you think of the result, does it fulfil your expectations?

We’re really pleased with the result! The house really brightens up without any visible light sources on the facade and that suits our style perfectly. It’s a cool alternative to all the classical lighting and it still suits our rural style. That it is dimmable is an extra plus. The decorative woodwork on the balcony is now emphasised well by the light and that is the most unique part of our house.

It’s the facade lighting and the woodwork we’re most pleased with but the fixtures on our tall birches are also very pleasing and striking. Taking a tour around the garden at dusk and enjoying the light being diffused around it is a special experience!

Has anything with your outdoor lighting surprised you?

The garden illumination is really bright. We couldn’t believe that such a small luminaire could be so bright and give such an attractive light. Garden kit was very easy and simple to couple together, you really only had to connect it to a socket. Perfect!

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about outdoor lighting?

Get help from somebody that knows and discuss ideas. Like I said, we had a different idea of what was nice a few years ago and weren’t happy. That’s my best and only advice! I’m extremely pleased with the know-how that Hide-a-lite shared! From being extremely unhappy with our lighting to becoming very happy with it. If anybody had asked me a few years ago, I’d have said “So? It’s only a few bulbs!”... but no, there’s a wealth of amazing products to create attractive environments.

Spot It from Hide-a-lite highlights trees and bushes in a garden.