Stockholms university

Stockholm University is a venue for people of different nationalities and with different backgrounds. The strong connection between research and teaching guarantees a high quality of education. In several exam rooms the LED panel Skylite is installed and contributes to functional working light and a pleasant study environment for active students, doctoral students, and staff.

- Regarding the lighting, you must keep a straight line and we have chosen 4000K in exam rooms and specific labs where a slightly colder colour temperature may be needed. Otherwise, we generally go with 3000K. Then, for example, there are research rooms in the building that require an even colder light, says Thomas Johansson, Operations Engineer at Akademiska hus.

The exam room is bright and crisp. The university conducts regular control measurement to ensure that the requirements for working light over the tables are met. Thomas continues:

- We are very happy with the light in here. You can look at these prismatic plates with full lumen strength without getting any glare. They provide an even and nice light when you need peace of mind.