Delicacy shop illuminated with both tracklights and downlights

Just west of Södertälje south of Stockholm, popular Turinge Ost & Vin is located - a delicacy shop with well-sorted cheese and charcuterie, where the focus is set on quality products from France, Switzerland and Italy mainly. The lighting includes black tracklights illuminating the beverage selection as well as the cash register, while directional downlights create a pleasant general light for the visiting diners. A pleasant, gastronomic meeting place - in the middle of the rural countryside.


Turinge Cheese & Wine opened in March 2015 by Therese and Jonas Kristiansson, both interested in food and entrepreneur-driven engineers. They found a great interest in fine French cheeses, Italian meat, and Swiss Gruyère in this Swedish region. Early on, Therese and Jonas grew out of their premises, and in 2018, a newly renovated property was ready to fully realize the couple's dream. Hide-a-lite became a part of the renovation journey and contributed with the lighting, including tracklights and downlights, to the newly opened delicacy shop.

A cheese counter that holds hundreds of quality cheeses deserves a good lighting to display the range in the best possible way. Focus Track Mega in black illuminates the cheese and meat counter, and provides a good general light. The luminaires are directed to illuminate the entire counter but are easily adjusted when needed. Opposite the checkout counter are shelves with carefully selected drinks for the best taste experience, where Focus Track Mega also illuminates all bottles.


Inside the restaurant kitchen, next to the dining room, the chefs are busy cooking food. Liteline 1200 is mounted in the kitchen and creates a good working light over the work areas. The lighting has an even light distribution and makes the work surfaces well illuminated for the best conditions for cooking


The delicacy shop Turinge Ost & Vin is thoughtfully illuminated and provides a flexible and modern restaurant lighting. The colour temperature is consistently 3000K to create a natural and homely impression. The store has a modern touch, in the middle of the countryside, and the company regularly organizes cheese and drink tastings and is a gastronomic meeting place with a market hall, restaurant, bakery, event and conference. Well worth a visit!

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