Core 15° lights up a large shower


IP-ratings indoor bathroom


Area 0-IP67

Internal part of the tub


Area 1-IP44

The area is limited by the outer edge of 0 and up to 225cm from the floor. 

Area 2-IP24

Stretching 60cm laterally and 60cm in height (up to 225cm) from the outer edge of Area 1.

Unclassified area


Above is an example of zone divisions in a bathroom with a bathtub. For comprehensive information, see section 701 of the Swedish electrical installation regulations (Elinstallationsreglerna) SS 436 40 00.


 First number



 Second number


0  No Protection   0  No Protection
1  Protection from objects > 50mm   1  Protection against dripping water
2  Protection from objects > 12mm   2  Protection against direct sprays of water up to 15° from vertical
3  Protection from objects > 2.5mm   3  Protection against sprays of water up to 60° from vertical
4  Protection from objects > 1mm   4  Protection against water splashed from all directions
 Protection from dust    Protection against low pressured jets from all directions
6  Totally dust tight   6  Protection against strong jets of water
      7  Protection against immersion
       Protection against complete continuous submersion in water