Asian Bank Office - Asian food and Nordic lighting

Tasty dishes that are ordered one-by-one and shared with each other. This is an apt description of the serving corner at central Storgatan in Halmstad. Asian Bank Office is housed in Handelsbanken’s old offices, which helped to create the ingenious name. Hide-a-light was an early partner in conjunction with the renovation of the bank’s premises and contributed with lighting for what today is a very popular and renowned restaurant.

The lighting in the Asian Bank Office has been carefully selected to blend in at the same time as standing out. It creates the character that the premises with its thick, rustic walls deserves. Here is black Focus Track Mini fitted to a rail with the lights directed towards the many tables in the restaurant. Honeycomb louvre has been used on all spotlights to minimise the risk dazzling the guests. The Globe G2 family of luminaires can be seen in many locations in the restaurant, sometimes as a discrete eye-catching pendant in the guest toilets.

Despite it being in the middle of the day, you are struck by a feeling of evening – probably because of the various metal formations covering most of the high windows in a graphical pattern. The interior are dark and there are sheet metal shapes hanging from the ceiling with a creative purple light installation of LEDstrip. Several red mobiles and flowers are suspended to complement the Nordic lighting and contribute to the Asiatic culture. LEDstrip has also been integrated in the interior and lights up both the serving counters and the shelves holding all the restaurant’s drinks and glasses. Here we have a winning concept, food and lighting.

LED-strip from Hide-a-lite in a shelf at a restaurant.

Once the doors of the Asian Bank Office are opened, you are met by a long bar counter illuminated with LEDstrip

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Once the doors of the Asian Bank Office are opened, you are met by a long bar counter illuminated with LEDstrip Seats are placed neatly next to each other in rows and shelves stretch out behind the bar with various beers, wines and assorted drinks. LEDstrip RX RGB IP67 has been integrated into the interior to make it easy to keep dirt, dust and spill free.

The restaurant’s walls and furnishings are all dark, which means the lighting plays an important role in the overall impression. The RGB-colour chosen to illuminate with is intense purple but is easily adjusted to another colour if desired. There is a statue of Buddha in position to create a calm atmosphere and there is a pleasant aroma of both seasoning and food. The Buddha statue itself is decoratively illuminated by the recessed Globe G2 luminaire.

Further into the premises stands high pillars around the most central drink bar. The bar counter is also illuminated with purple LEDstrip. Illuminated lines highlight the bottles and glasses. LEDstrip illuminates the steps up to the restaurant’s sofa group. A decorative lighting effect that highlights the difference in level.