Optimised sports lighting for Bankeryd Padelcenter

In sports facilities lighting has an important part to play - it shall be adequate for the players’ needs but at the same time not glare or cause a disturbance. At Hide-a-lite we were given the task of creating a lighting proposal for the newly-opened Bankeryd Padelcenter, which is Bankeryd’s first Padel arena with a ceiling height of nine meters.

When it came to the lighting above the Padel courts the choice was simple - Indline Sport IP23. This was very much due to the simple installation, but primarily because it has many different lens solutions that give a wide, medium, narrow or asymmetrical light. The asymmetrical light is ideal for Padel courts. Indline Sport Grid IP23 with grid also meets the ball test requirements according to VDE-0710-13. With a life time of L80 100 000h it also means minimal maintenance over time.

The Indline Sport IP23 XL luminaires with their asymmetric light distribution are positioned along the courts’ long sides with seven luminaires on each side. The asymmetric lens solution directs the light down onto the courts without causing glare, creating shadows or spilling light over to adjacent courts.  The luminaires’ push-in terminals are strategically placed on both sides of the fitting enabling the use of existing cables. Besides, you never need to open the luminaire during installation. 

Inside the Padel arena Edge XL is also installed as an additional light source in the wide passage along the short sides of the courts when the lighting above them is not activated. As the Padel arena is unmanned part of the time, the arena is equipped with a digital booking system which also controls the lighting. When a particular court is not booked the lighting is switched off. Consequently it is important to illuminate beside the courts to facilitate visitors’ movements in the facility.

In the changing rooms Skylite Basic is fitted which is a thin and energy-efficient LED panel. It suits perfectly as a lighting source in the majority of interior environments such as corridors and other general areas. Above the changing room mirrors, the luminaire Mirro is mounted with motion detectors which are activated when someone is in the changing room and switch off automatically after the set time, 5 sec - 8 min. This setting is made in the sensor in the luminaire. Perfect solution for facilities that are unmanned or partially unmanned. 

Lighting design

In this project, the customer has received help with lighting calculations from skilled lighting designers. Our team includes several lighting designers with experience from both public and private environments. We can assist you throughout the project with tips and ideas concerning products and technical solutions for light calculations and more detailed lighting designs. You’re welcome to send us your project to [email protected]

Calculation example, Padel

+= grid points  
Reflection factors  50/30/20
Luminaires Indline Sport IP23 XL Asymmetric
E-no  7392971144009
Quantity  14
Mounting height   8m


   Emed[lx]  Emin/Emed
Horizontal illuminance (at floor level)  513  0.72