Customized lighting solution for a creative lobby

Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy manufactures innovative glass products for world-leading vehicle manufacturers, the construction industry and the technical market. At Pilkington’s office in Tampere the air of innovation is readily recognisable. The property is home to both the company office and production facility. The use of LEDstrip and profiles created an eye-catching lighting solution in the lobby of the office - a modern and creative way of getting the most from the space.

The spacious lobby is dominated by the experience of lit, intersecting lines in the ceiling. The solution is not just a result of innovative thinking, but also an example of how LEDstrips and profiles can be used for multi-facetted and inventive solutions. Limited only by one’s imagination. The result is a lighting solution that doesn’t just supply the need for lighting in the facilities, but also reinforces the company’s vision of being a modern and progressive player.

At Pilkington’s office in Tampere the company’s employees work, and in addition there are also frequent visits by customers and partners. The company’s lobby area is consequently an important part of the visitor’s first impression of the company. In connection with a renovation of Pilkington’s office in Tampere this eye-catching lighting solution was installed.

Many different lighting solutions can be created using LEDstrip and profiles. Behind the solution in this project are the building’s electrical contractor HM-Sähkötekniikka Oy, the architect Arkkitehdit Ahlström Oy and the construction company Rakennustoimisto Korppinen Oy. Their common vision was to create irregular lines of light in the ceiling. Here at Hide-a-lite in Finland we assisted in realising this vision with lighting calculations and choice of products based on the client’s requirements and needs.

The choice fell to LEDstrip RX IP20, combined with pendent Profil Maxi U. Our LEDstrip RX IP20 mounted in our profile Maxi U together with the opal anti-glare shield gives a good general light to the lobby and also to the staircase that leads to the second floor. Concerning the choice of the LEDstrips colour temperature and wattage it is important to consider the application - here a colour temperature of 4000K was chosen, which accentuates the light tones in the lobby. Profile Maxi U is also adapted for pendant installation.

We at Hide-a-lite customised the products in accordance with the project requirements. Amongst other things, all the LEDstrips and profiles were supplied in ready-cut lengths, saving time and making for an efficient installation.

Products used in this case: