Profile Maxi U

Stable profile with two integrated cable ducts for surface mounted or pendant installation. Good cooling properties even with high intense LEDstrips, suitable for constructing your own luminaires. An inner construction that gives a considerably lower light loss than other profiles. With the Reflector accessory, the lumen output is increased by up to 20%. With the Opel cover, an even and spot-free light is created. Maximum light is allowed to permeate this prismatic cover, it has good anti-glare properties and creates a good working and general lighting.
Exists in one color

Profile Maxi U Alu 2m

GTIN 7392971127699
Item Name Profile Maxi U Alu 2m
Color and material
Material Aluminium
Color Aluminum
Measurement and installation
Operation Environment Indoor, Outdoor
Length (mm) 2000
Width (mm) 30
Height (mm) 30
Weight (kg) 0,85

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