Quality Hotel Match

"The carefully considered lighting, in combination with the hotel’s facilities, creates the mood and makes your stay even more peaceful."

Quality Hotel Match – the perfect match! Whether you are seeking a luxury place of resort, a place for your business meetings or a base for exploring the city of Jönköping, Quality Hotel Match is the ultimate destination. Here, you can relax in the elegant lounges, be fascinated by panoramic views of Lake Vättern and enjoy a good meal in the restaurant. The carefully considered lighting, in combination with the hotel’s facilities, creates the mood and makes your stay even more peaceful.

With its seventeen floors, Quality Hotel Match stretches majestically into the sky and offers a wonderful view over Lake Vättern, Sweden’s second largest lake, which lies just a few metres from the hotel. The long corridors on all floors have black ceilings fitted with black bowl-shaped downlights, Globe G2 Recessed. The lighting is subdued, so that visitors can find their way but do not miss out on the striking view at the end of every corridor.

The large spaces of the hotel are detailed sparingly. The lighting and furnishings accentuate the design. The interior is made of dark wood, carpets soften the rooms and the grey limestone painted walls. In the lounge next to the reception are the large Solo Maxi G2 ceiling luminaires. They suit the hotel’s elegant design and make the area into a place where guests can relax, mingle or work in a comfortable and well-lit environment. Solo Maxi G2 also makes a perfect replacement for compact fluorescent tubes.

Outside the hotel building is a wide stone staircase that takes you from the en trance level to Jönköping Travel Centre. The city’s old district Tändsticksområdet is just around the corner. The handrails of the steps are lit with LEDstrip 230V, which modernises and highlights the steps’ appearance. The lighting not only creates an aesthetic line of light to draw the eye, it also improves orientation for guests who are finding their way around the area.
All-in-all, the lighting of Quality Hotel Match creates a memorable atmosphere for the landmark that the hotel has become. It leads you through corridors that open up large panorama windows with views across the lake and city. It creates a soft light distribution on the walls, which highlights the experience. The lighting contributes to the hotel’s character and aesthetics, while fulfilling functional needs and giving a feeling of welcome and relaxation.