Stuk – Complete lighting concept for a bakery

Welcome to STUK – a bakery, wine bar and café in the city center of Jönköping where you can enjoy coffee, pizza and freshly baked bread in a homely environment. The lighting here is a part of the bakery's interior design concept and is installed as well over bar counters and coffee tables, as in the cozy living room, which contributes to well-being and a high sense of coziness.


Already outside STUK's entrance, you can clearly feel the scent of freshly baked pizzas and homemade bread. A scent that together with nice music and the lighting inside, gives a feeling of home comfort. Here, the interior designer Sara Rudenstam, together with the owners Johan Salestam and Andreas Roman, has carefully selected material and colour to create this cozy concept. When it was time to choose lighting, we at Hide-a-lite were contacted. Starting out being an inquiry about which colour temperature should be chosen for the bakery, we ended up with a complete lighting proposal. The chosen colour temperature was 3000K after a test lighting in the room. This colour temperature fits well with the green painting on the walls, and in addition, the warm white light hopefully makes the guest stay for a longer time. In the end, a lighting concept that enhances the interior but also contributes to the homely feel that was disired in the room.


The long counter, just inside the entrance is illuminated with our pendant Globe G2 in black - both a decorative and functional element. The Globe G2 is also mounted in a row over the bar counter next to the windows, facing the street, creating a pleasant general lighting for the lunch-eating guest.


Further into the cafe, the feeling of a home becomes more evident with, among other things, pot plants and textiles in linen. Here, the light from our spotlights Focus Track Mini and Micro, is directed to emphasize the structure of the linen and create a shadow play from the foliage of the plants. To further enhance the feeling of home comfort, different types of luminaires are placed at different heights. Globe G2 are mounted in clusters, while other tables are illuminated with our Twist Round.


At the far end of the room, there is a large sofa which leads the thoughts to a living room. Here, many people can sit down together and, the cozy and homely feeling will appear quickly. Landscape mirrors are mounted on the wall above the sofa, which attract the eye - thanks to the light from our LEDstrip RX IP20. The LEDstrip is installed behind the mirror as hidden accent lighting in Profil-U High, and the light is directed both up and down. A decorative and atmospheric lighting choice.

Focus Track Mini
Our tracklights create a comfortable accent light in 3000K and with different beam angles, harmonize with the material choices, such as linen.