A modern green kitchen that is illuminated with our entire Globe G2 series with Tune function.

Lighting with Tune function in Johanna Berglund’s home @snickargladjen

Out in the forests of Västergötland, outside Ulricehamn live influencer Johanna Berglund and family. They’ve been renovating their dream house since 2010 with everything from sketching facade ideas to create in wood and install lighting. We went home with Johanna one afternoon to see the family’s thoughts concerning lighting in the warmly dimmed kitchen and what they thought of the result.

Globe G2 Tune from Hidealite at home at Johanna Berglund, Snickarglädjen.

Why choose Tune?

By dimming the colour temperature from a whiter light to a warmer one, its areas of use are increased. You could say that Tune, dim to warm, is lighting that is adapted perfectly to its areas of use and mood.

“Now that I’m used to it, I can’t imagine being without Tune”, says Johanna. The lighting fills such a good function from its white, functional work light to the inviting and tempered soft lighting for dark hours.

Bathrooms are another example of an application where Tune comes to its right. Here you can choose a whiter, stronger light when you’re getting ready in the morning and then simply adjust it to a more pleasant lighting with a candlelight feel in the evening when it’s time to sink into a bath.

Johanna Berglunds (Snickarglädjens) kitchen, which is illuminated with the entire product family Globe G2 Tune.

Dim to warm

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a part of the home where we spend a great deal of time, whether preparing food or hanging out. All moments put different demands on lighting. One of the most important factors for creating a well thought-out kitchen lighting was the cooperation between Johanna and our lighting designer Ida Raymondsson. The goal was to create a striking lighting design where functional and decorative went hand-in-hand.

In the Berglund kitchen, various product variants were installed from one and the same luminaire family, Globe G2, to give a uniform feel. Recessed, surface-mounted and pendant luminaires – all with Tune function. Globe G2 has a modern and exclusive design with cupped reflector that beautifully illuminates cabinets and floral arrangements in the room. The pendant Globe luminaire cord is hessian in colour to match the other materials and interiors in the house.

Something that catches the eye when you enter into the kitchen is how the recessed luminaires have been placed in the ceiling directly in contact with each other. They are strategically placed above the various work surfaces in the kitchen so they give sufficient light for cooking and cleaning, and well complement the pendant Globe G2 with the same modern form over the kitchen benchtop.

The house is well-built in an old style with well-preserved charm. The luminaires have been carefully chosen to suit the aura of the house. Johanna adds:

“Tune feels like the perfect choice of functional lighting with its crisp white or pleasantly warm light at the same time. We are more than happy with the lighting plan and the result.

LEDstrip RX Tune recessed in the profile Art High from Hidealite at home at Johanna Berglund, Snickarglädjen.


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