Moodboard for public environment. The picture shows, among other things, focus points.

Public environment

LEDstrip solution from Hidealite at the restaurant Izakayamoshi.

All light on your project

Light can manifest itself in countless ways and transform and embellish environments and experiences, as well as create a sense of security, evoke feelings and form new spaces. Lighting is about how the human eye perceives light, and regardless of what is to be illuminated – a shop, a restaurant, an office or a facade – they all have something in common.

People. In public spaces, buildings and environments people are the common denominator. A job, a purchase, a meal or a meeting and the lighting needs to be adapted to the purpose at hand.


We eat with senses other than taste, not least our eyesight. By creating a space in the room with a pleasant atmosphere and the right framing, the overall impression will be improved, enduring and more enjoyable.

Level Multi in black from hidealite matches a dark roof at Izakayamoshi restaurant.

LEDstrip solution together with a profile from Hidealite in a office.


In an office environment concentration, creativity and new ideas need to mesh with procedures, meetings and people. Staying perky and alert throughout the working day requires lighting that enables us to focus and remain sharp while feeling inviting to new customers and collaborations. What’s more, if there are light environments with subdued and calm atmospheres, they stimulate our eyesight, allowing for rest and recuperation.