Distance ring 1202 Multi

Spacer ring that suits 1202 Multi and 1202 Comfort.
Exists in several colors
  • Vit #ffffff
  • Bostad Stål #6E7073


GTIN Item Name Color
Spacer ring 1202 Brushed steel 7392971123349 Spacer ring 1202 Brushed steel Brushed Steel
Spacer ring 1202 White 7392971123332 Spacer ring 1202 White White

Spacer ring 1202 White

GTIN 7392971123332
Item Name Spacer ring 1202 White
Color and material
Material Steel
Color White
Measurement and installation
Operation Environment Indoor
Installation Surface mounted
Mounting Installation Screw Mounting
Approval Marks CE
Height (mm) 20
Diameter (mm) 70
Weight (kg) 0,025

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