Heatspot G2

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Heatspot G2
Heatspot G2
Luminaire for discrete, ambient and decorative lighting in saunas. Fixture in brushed steel with lumen output adjusted for good glare-free lighting. Comes with two wires with quick connections for easy series connection. Also available as a kit. The driver can support and dim 5-12 luminaires. Front rings in black or brass available as accessories.
Exists in one color
GTIN 7392971138794
Item Name Heatspot G2 BS 2700K
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Light Source LED
Light Source Included Yes
Replaceability Non-replaceaable LED
LED Colour Warm White
Colour Temperature (K) 2700
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) >90
Colour Consistency (SDCM) 3
Luminous Intensity (cd) 20
Luminaire Lumen (lm) 20
Beam Angle (°) 45
Light sharing
Light Outlet Direct
Number of Lamps (pcs) 1
Number of LED (pcs) 1
Life Time L70 100 000h Ta 120°C
Nominel Life Time (h) 100000
Lumen maintenance 100 000h L70
LLMF @ 100 000h 0,7
Technical data
Voltage Forward (Vf) 2,8
Power LED (W) 0,4
Power Luminaire (W) 0,4
System Power (W) 0,4
Efficiency Luminaire (lm/W) 50
Efficiency System (lm/W) 50
Operation and Connection
Driver Included No
Driver Model Constant Current
Connection (type) Mini Contact
Length Connection (cm) 50
Connection (mm2) 2x0,5
Through Wiring Yes
Constant Current (mA) 150
Operating Temperature -20…+125
Max. Tc (°C) 135
Dimmable Yes
Color and material
Material Aluminium
Color Brushed Steel
Environmental Assessment Byggvarubedömningen
Measurement and installation
Operating Environment Indoor / bathroom (ceiling area 1)
IP Degree of Protection 44
Protection Class III
Installation Built-in
Mounting Installation Tension Spring
Ceiling Thickness Interval (mm) 5-27
Fire Safety Marks Not in insulation without protection cover
Protection Cover 7466700, 7466701, 7466702
Approval Marks CE
Filament Test IEC 695-2-1(°C) 650
Height (mm) 30
Diameter (mm) 25
Weight (kg) 0,023
Min. Built-in (mm) 50x50x32
Min. Air Volume (cm3) 10,3
Height Recessed Part (mm) 27
Height Exterior Part (mm) 3
Built-in Ø (mm) 22-23

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