Light gray kitchen illuminated with Bright Eye Square I from Hidealite at home at Johanna Haglund, Design of.

At home with entrepreneur Johanna Haglund

Close to sea, forest and fields in the small archipelago village of Saxemara outside Ronneby is a large wooden building in a modern style with straight lines. Stepping into the house is literally like walking into a “genuine” descaled Nordic bright home. Each thing has its place. This is where designer and entrepreneur Johanna Haglund lives together with her husband and their two sons. Together, they have made a home that conveys a feeling of the Nordic, simple and mellow. Lighting from Hide-a-light has been installed in all rooms and harmonises well with the choice of materials and the interior.

Johanna Haglund is the founder of Design of. When she and husband Freddie were going to furnish their first home together, a flat in Växjö, she couldn’t find the perfect coffee table. That was when the thought was born – why not draw one? With the family business in Småland, Kongamek, behind her, she sat down and made a sketch. She envisioned a steel construction in front of her that she could take to the engineering department. The furniture brand Domo, Design of My Own, was born and has now been renamed as Design Of. Today, her steel furniture is a success in the design world.

Together with our light designers, Johanna has planned and carefully thought over the placement but also the design of the luminaires in order to find a selection that would match her style at home. Here you will find LEDstrip RX and RXI IP20 mounted in Profile Dual, most Optic Box I as guide and general lighting, Core Smart 45° accent luminaire as lighting in window jambs and much more.

LEDstrip from Hidealite that illuminate the workarea at home at Johanna Haglund, Design Of.

Movie room in Johanna Haglunds (Design Of) house. Level Multi in a gray painted ceiling.

Lighting for cosy film evenings

Johanna wants their home to be simple and descaled but also warm and welcoming, a calm home where you can recharge your batteries. One of Freddie’s favourite rooms is the cinema room, where toys and other things are stacked and is often used for games and film. The room has smaller windows that you can cover with beige blackout floor to ceiling curtains. A dark brow/grey tone has been painted on the walls and ceiling. A large sofa with cushions and room for the whole family stands in the middle of the room. In the ceiling are black Level Multi downlights. These luminaires are recessed to be glare-free and give a discrete and pleasant general lighting in the whole room. It is essential to be able to dim the lighting here as it is to bright while they are eating or dimmed for films and dramatic effect. There’s nothing you’d rather do than to sit down to have a pleasant time in front of the film screen.

Outdoor lighting to match the house

The house in the small village of Saxemara is single storey and clad in wood panel of three widths brushed in ferrous sulphate and silver stain to slowly turn grey. It is an L-shaped house with large glass sections of exact 200 square metres, they were not allowed any larger. The garden has sun all day long and the family has also built a swimming pool for their sons. The facade is illuminated with ten grey Cube I and is, like the rest of the lighting, strategically placed to give just the right amount of light in the evenings. It is essential above all during the dark time of year that the outdoor illumination “does its job” – give a welcoming impression and increase security around the residence. That they are also attractive to look at and amplify the character of the house is a real bonus.
The luminaire Cube from Hidealite at home at Johanna Haglund, Design Of.
The luminaire Cube from Hidealite at home at Johanna Haglund, Design Of.
The luminaire Cube from Hidealite at home at Johanna Haglund, Design Of.

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