Unique mountain building with the focus on luxury and harmony

Frida Hansdotter’s dream holiday home is being built in beautiful Idre Himmelfjäll. Together with Bra Hus and Hide-a-lite, she has created a calm and beautiful oasis where she and the family can make the most of their cosy new holiday home. The house has a consistent lighting concept, designed to suit Frida’s wishes including the building’s design and personality. The building was ready to move into in early 2021 and the result is a unique and harmonious home.

Contrasting with the white, smooth and snow-covered slopes, Villa Hansdotter has dark walls and roof, big black windows and a luxurious but cosy style. The house, which feels a little like a warm, welcoming mountain cabin, creates exciting contrasts between outside and inside, dark and light, soft and hard, and hot and cold. The contrasts are emphasised and further complemented with the aid of different lighting solutions from Hide-a-lite, both indoors and outdoors.

Since a large part of the house consists of dark wooden surfaces and black details, we have almost exclusively used black light fittings to bring forward and complement the black details and the dark feeling. At the entrance, black Focus Spot Micros are grouped in pairs, to create an attractive point lighting on the walls and they also lead the way into the house.

Beyond the entrance hall, the large lounge is the heart of the house. The large lounge has big black windows and a high ceiling, with lots of social area, with an open kitchen, a dining room and a lounge area. Along the beautiful wooden beams under the sloping roof, 3-phase tracks are fitted, with black Optic Track S directed in different angles, to light up both the walls and selected fine details in the large lounge. Using track under the sloping roof is a perfect solution to direct the lights where you wish and create a more alive impression – the direction can be made no matter the degree of roof slope, an advantage compared to commonly used downlights.

In the tracks above the large kitchen area, there are 6 customised black Globe G2 Pendants with 5m black fabric cables and brass reflectors. This creates a unique and cosy detail that attracts the eye, while also generating good working lighting above the kitchen area. The kitchen is also lit with closely mounted Optic Deep XS over the kitchen surfaces..

Another striking detail in the large lounge is the illuminated black staircase leading to the upper floor. Here LEDstrip 24V Line IP67 has been fitted along the rear of the handrail, to create a cosy effect while lighting up the stairs and making them a natural part of this large room.

The bathroom is lit with Level Quick ISO, which are fitted in pairs to create a modern impression and deviate from the more traditional. Along the shower wall Core Smart 45° is mounted.

To light the exterior of the house and brighten the dark wooden panelling, we have chosen different light fittings and solutions to best bring out the house’s character. On the facade, at each of the entrances, Peak, an anthracite coloured wall luminaire is mounted. These light up the facade and the ground below with their wide light distribution, while the conical design of the luminaire gives further character to the house. On the terrace is a sofa made from an old ski lift. The underside is lit with LEDstrip 230V LowLum in Profil Art High with an opal cover to create a pleasant, floating feeling.

Over the terrace are two black Level Quick ISO to light up below the balcony. Along the eaves LEDstrip 230V IP65 in Profil Art High with Art Opal cover is mounted. Since winters are often dark up here, using different kinds of facade lighting is both beautiful and practical. The lighting illuminates the house and part of the garden, for a beautiful and more inviting impression. For a large house like this with a sloping roof, using LEDstrips, along the eaves for example, is both neat and practical. LEDstrips light up large areas, create striking effects and can be used in endless ways.

Throughout the house we have used a colour temperature of 2700K to create a warm and inviting feeling. Since the house consists of many dark surfaces and materials, a warm light is optimal for making the house feel more cosy. Outdoors, we have used 3000K.

Grouping the luminaires

A consistent feature of Villa Hansdotter is the grouped luminaires. These are found through out the house – both outdoors and indoors. When lighting up a large space, it is a good idea to use different grouped luminaire solutions. This usually creates a calmer and more consistent impression in a large space, while also creating character and even striking details in themselves.

The only limitation to how lighting can be used in interiors is imagination. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to go all the way. Why not hang six lamps over your dining table? Or place three spotlights exactly beside each other over a wall of pictures?

 Dare to think outside the box and don’t be afraid to go all the way.

Distinct light distribution

Tracklight with reflector technology, gives high luminous efficacy with distinct light distribution. Direct the light onto what you wish to highlight. Perfect as accent lighting or for general lighting in most environments; can be complemented with accessories to modify the light distribution and reduce glare.