Grafitgrå – café and shop illuminated with track lights

In the small village of Kaxholmen, about 10 km northeast of Jönköping, is this cosy café and shop – Grafitgrå (Graphite Grey). Here you can enjoy home-baked delicacies and several food alternatives while being inspired by the environment and the interior. The business has grown over the years and in conjunction with a modernisation they installed lighting from Hide-a-lite.

Old meets new today. It was in 2012 the village smithy was given a new life. No longer were horses shod or iron forged as had been done twenty years ago. The old stone building went hand in hand with the idea and vision for Grafitgrå. Today, the building has been beautifully restored and you can feel the wings of history as you enter the shop. In the spring of 2019, the smithy was substantially extended and it was then that our light designers were given the task of planning the lighting for the shop’s needs.

The interior of the shop – like its name – has a grey base and they chose a neutral white colour at 4000K to amplify the choice of materials and enhance the contrast. “Focus Pendant Micro” spotlights are suspended over the cash desk. The same luminaire, pendant and on rail, can be found in different sizes in all the rooms with barndoors to prevent dazzling the guests. The café section has a warmer colour temperature of 3000K to create a more natural and cosy atmosphere.

That there was a “focus on Focus” is nothing the founder of Grafitgrå, Elin Ginal, regrets. Focus Track luminaires have a modern feel while also suiting a calm and harmonic environment where you can direct the light on whatever you wish to enhance a little extra.