Milo from Hidealite lights up the area called Kantarellen in Vetlanda.

Kantarellen - Vetlanda

When the municipality of Vetlanda wanted to enhance a walk and cycle path in the Kantarellen residential area, they chose to give the assignment to lighting designer Erik Olsson. This area had been neglected and the surfaces were dark. Together with the residents of the area, Erik created several dream lamps along the route – creative lighting installations that brightened up the walkway and made strolling along them safe and secure. Hide-a-lite’s lighting designer has given good support in the choice of products to use in the project.

In order to create a picture of the entire project, Erik interviewed the residents in the surrounding area. He arranged a workshop and got the school children to paint pictures of the dream lamps that they themselves wanted there: everything from animals to fruits such as cherries and water melons. The themes were varied but happy and colourful. He then contacted Hide-a-lite's lighting designer, Ida Raymondson, and together they chose luminaires that suited the children’s creations.

– “The result is unexpected and fun”, Erik says. People stop to look at the innovative lighting and the children feel that they’ve been a part of the project. The high cherry is almost like a landmark in itself when seen from afar.”

Today the walkway is cheerfully illuminated with several points of light. The lighting mirrors the children’s sketches in the best possible way. Based on Ida’s suggestions, Erik found luminaires that perfectly suited the children’s drawings and the walkway was given a whole new lighting character. The dialogue with Hide-a-lite to support the lighting of the creations was extremely effective.

– “It’s very good that the municipality of Vetlanda chose to get this going”, Erik continues. We’ve tried to maintain a type of simplicity throughout the project and of course, it’s been a balancing act between a budget and the ability to use cool lighting. But my objective was to work with simple means and I think we’ve done a good job. With the right lighting, the result can be surprisingly good!”

Creative lighting solution in the area Kantarellen in Vetlanda.

Erik Olsson during the work on the lighting of the area Kantarellen in Vetlanda.

Products used in this project: