Sportkompaniet in Nässjö – an activity complex where you can thrive, get sweaty and develop. Here you can play paddle tennis, exercise in the gym, play golf or run on one of the 74-metre running tracks. A big facility with extra focus on the lighting experience. There are many metres of LEDstrip in profiles, tracklights, industrial luminaires and luminaires adapted for conference and office environments. A successful and well planned lighting arrangement in which every luminaire fulfils its function.

At Sportkompaniet in Nässjö, the active lifestyle is key, with the love of exercise as its driving force. At Hide-a-lite, we were tasked with planning and lighting the facility. A well-lit exercise facility plays an important role for the experience and performance of staff and visitors alike. With our lighting design, the lighting set-up helps to create different zones within the facility, such as warm-up areas, strength training areas and relaxation spaces, with different lighting conditions and atmospheres to suit each area.

The exercise facility we are visiting is impressive. Even before we enter, our attention is drawn to the large glazed area along the facade. There we can see LEDstrip RX HDI IP20 fitted in Maxi U profile, which extends along a wall inside the windows. We understand that this is really something extra.

Once we are inside the doors, the same guiding LEDstrip in black profiles on the ceiling leads us on the reception. Black Level Quick ISO is installed in the equally black modular ceiling and puts the focus on the reception desk, together with the Optic Track M tracklights. As we move further into the large exercise areas, the LEDstrip is seen again in profiles with opal covers in many places, as both guidance lighting and general lighting. This creates character, modernity and striking lines of light in the ceiling.

LEDstrip comes in endless versions and, together with our profiles, offers a versatile solution for creating both decorative and functional lighting in different environments. At Sportkompaniet, there are several versions of LEDstrip in profile to create both general lighting in the larger spaces such as gym areas, as well as effect lighting on different floor levels, such as the exercise bike room. This is an innovative lighting solution that improves orientation and creates an atmosphere with the character that this type of facility demands. Our range has a number of different colour temperatures to choose between and your choice of LEDstrip can create different atmospheres and themes in different rooms. In our production we tailor products according to our customers requirements, such as cutting and soldering LEDstrips in the right lengths or cutting profiles. We can deliver complete and customised luminaires no matter the size of the project – all to facilitate, save time and simplify installation at the end customer's premises.

Above the public areas between conference rooms, black Optic Track M is installed on tracks and creates striking light distribution patterns on the grey-painted walls. Some of the tracklights are fitted with the Snoot Optic Track accessory to screen the light and avoid glare. Thin wooden panels have been fitted in different angles and corners around the area, which creates character and captures the light beautifully. Tracklights are also used as complementary point lighting for exercise machines and other elements that need a little extra highlighting.

Solo Mini G2 luminaires have been installed in the corridor outside the offices on the upper floor. It uses reflector technology with a high-placed light spot, which gives a highly glare-free appearance. This luminaire blends well into the black ceiling and lights the floor surface from a height. Solo Mini G2 also acts as a perfect replacement for compact fluorescent tubes, making it a contemporary choice for projects large and small.

Last but not least, we have the exercise centre’s changing and sauna rooms. LEDstrip RX HDI IP20 in black Maxi U profiles has been installed in straight lines, creating contrast with the white ceiling. LED Heatline strip is used in the sauna, together with Heatspot G2 to create a warm white raking light with the character of incandescent lights. Heatspot G2 is a small, discreet luminaire that gives an atmospheric and comfortable lighting with fine light patterns on the horizontal wooden panels of the sauna.

Different activities are brought together in one place at Sportkompaniet. The lighting of every room and area is carefully planned for each area’s activities and spatial characteristics, which is one of the important factors for creating an environment that inspires movement and creativity.