Echo M

Flexible luminaire with reflector technology and a high-positioned light source for very good anti-glare properties. All-round luminaire for public environments where more light is needed, e.g. rooms with high ceilings. For new installations or replacement of old compact fluorescent lamp fixtures for a much more energy-efficient installation. Adjustable lumen output and selectable colour temperature via DIP switch, 3000K, 4000K and 5700K. Complete with driver for phase dimming or DALI 2, with push-in terminals and screwless strain relief. Cover ring available as an accessory. Can be supplied with Q-Box Mini or Linect.
Exists in one color


GTIN Item Name Type of Dimming
Echo M White 830/840 7392971141305 Echo M White 830/840 2 Step DIP Dim, Trailing Edge, Leading Edge
Echo M White 830/840 DALI 7392971141312 Echo M White 830/840 DALI 6 Step DIP Dim, Push 230V, 1-10V, DALI 2
GTIN 7392971141305
Item Name Echo M White 830/840
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Light Source LED
Light Source Included Yes
LED Colour White
Colour Temperature (K) 3000, 4000, 5700
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) >80
Colour Consistency (SDCM) 3
Luminous Intensity (cd) 1080
Luminaire Lumen (lm) 1870
Beam Angle (°) 85
Light sharing Symmetric
Light Outlet Direct
Number of Lamps (pcs) 1
Number of LED (pcs) 120
Life Time L80 50 000h Ta 25°C
Nominel Life Time (h) 50000
Lumen maintenance 50 000h L80
Lumen maintenance 75 000h L71
LLMF @ 50 000h 0,8
Life Time Driver 50 000h/10%
Technical data
Adjustable No
Voltage (type) AC
Voltage Interval (V) 220...240
Voltage Nominal (V) 230
Line Frequency (Hz) 50, 60
Power LED (W) 16
Power Luminaire (W) 20
System Power (W) 20
Efficiency Luminaire (lm/W) 94
Efficiency System (lm/W) 94
Operation and Connection
Driver Included Yes
Driver Model Constant Current
Driver Type Stand Alone
Driver Manufacturer Hide-a-lite
Connection (type) Quick Terminal
Connection (mm2) 4x0,5-2,5
Through Wiring Yes
Strain Relief Yes
Power Factor ʎ 0,9
Efficiency (%) 82
Power loss (W) 3,5
Leakage current (mA) (at 230 V, 50 Hz, full load) 0,5
Operating Temperature -20…+40
Max. Tc (°C) 85
Dimmable Yes
Type of Dimming 2 Step DIP Dim, Trailing Edge, Leading Edge
Dimming secondary side AM
Suitable for random switching Yes
Memory Function Power Failure No
Inrush current (max/time) 2,6A 50µs
Mains surge protection DM (kV) 1
Mains surge protection CM (kV) 2
Fuse B10 (pcs) 33
Fuse B16 (pcs) 52
Fuse C10 (pcs) 55
Fuse C16 (pcs) 88
Color and material
Material Metal
Color White
Corrosion class C2
Measurement and installation
Operating Environment Indoor / wet locations
IP Degree of Protection 44
Protection Class II
Installation Built-in
Mounting Installation Mounting Spring
Ceiling Thickness Interval (mm) 5-40
Fire Safety Marks Not in insulation without protection cover
Approval Marks CE
Filament Test IEC 695-2-1(°C) 650
Height (mm) 106
Diameter (mm) 172
Weight (kg) 0,74
Min. Built-in (mm) 400x300x115
Min. Air Volume (cm3) 13800
Height Recessed Part (mm) 104
Height Exterior Part (mm) 2
Built-in Ø (mm) 144-158

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