Moon Basic E27

A Hide-a-lite Choice – a conscious choice for a sustainable future. Easily installed base plafond consisting of 90% recycled material. Easily disassemble the fixture and replace parts after consumption. Perfect plafond for the private indoor environment such as stairwells, storage rooms and wardrobes, for surface mounting. Plenty of space in the fixture and possibility for surface-mounted cable routing. Choose the light source you want with properties as needed (not included). Recycled material, easy installation and minimal maintenance make the plafond an economical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice.
Variants GTIN Item Name
Moon Basic E27 255 Recycled 7392971146362 Moon Basic E27 255 Recycled
Moon Basic E27 320 Recycled 7392971146379 Moon Basic E27 320 Recycled
GTIN 7392971146362
Item Name Moon Basic E27 255 Recycled
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Technical data
Operation and Connection
Color and material
Measurement and installation


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