LEDstrip for saunas rated IP44. Creates a pleasant warm white raking light with incandescent bulb character. Should be installed in locations where the temperature does not exceed 80°C. Luminaire casing of warm and age-resistant plastic, end pieces of aluminium with brushed finish. Comes ready with screw connections and 5 cm cable on each side (linkable), 5 m heat resistant silicon cable with screw connection and clips and screws of stainless steel for easy installation. Connects to constant current 350 mA.
Variants GTIN Item Name Luminaire Lumen (lm)
Heatline 50 2700K 7392971124056 Heatline 50 2700K 380
Heatline 100 2700K 7392971124049 Heatline 100 2700K 760
GTIN 7392971124056
Item Name Heatline 50 2700K
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Technical data
Operation and Connection
Color and material
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