1218 Smart

  • Integrated push-in terminal for easy and smart series connection
Low-build minidownlight IP44 with integrated push-in terminal for simplified and smart series connection, eliminates the hassle of external joints and minimises sources of error. Adapted for installation in appliance box and normal cut-out with tension springs. Energy efficient 3.2W/350mA replaces 25-30W halogen fittings with very good colour rendering, RA > 90. Very suitable for recessing into suspended ceilings. Cord set 2m with mini-contact included.
Exists in several colors
  • Vit
  • Borstad Stål
Variants GTIN Item Name Color Colour Temperature (K) Luminaire Lumen (lm)
1218 Smart White 2700K 7392971130798 1218 Smart White 2700K White 2700 290
1218 Smart White 3000K 7392971130804 1218 Smart White 3000K White 3000 300
1218 Smart Brushed steel 2700K 7392971130811 1218 Smart Brushed steel 2700K Brushed Steel 2700 290
1218 Smart Brushed steel 3000K 7392971130828 1218 Smart Brushed steel 3000K Brushed Steel 3000 300
GTIN 7392971130798
Item Name 1218 Smart White 2700K
Warranty 5 years
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