Moon Slim PIR

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Moon Slim PIR
Moon Slim PIR
Moon Slim PIR
Moon Slim PIR
Low-build LED Plafond in slim design with a pleasant uplight that evens out contrasts towards the ceiling or wall. Selectable colour temperature via DIP-Switch ColourTemp 3000K or 4000K. Easily installed IP44 luminaire with long lifetime and high lumen output, supplied complete with built-in driver, PIR presence control with timer. Comes with screw holes that fit over a ceiling box, two entrances at the bottom, one of which is centered. Cable bushings for surface-mounted cable routing from two sides.
Exists in one color


GTIN Item Name Luminaire Lumen (lm)
Moon Slim PIR 255 7392971142081 Moon Slim PIR 255 1180
Moon Slim PIR 320 7392971142098 Moon Slim PIR 320 1700
GTIN 7392971142081
Item Name Moon Slim PIR 255
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Light Source LED
Light Source Included Yes
Replaceability Replaceable LED by professional, Replaceable Control gear by professional
LED Colour White
Colour Temperature (K) 3000, 4000
Colour Rendering Index (Ra) >80
Colour Consistency (SDCM) 3
Initial Chromaticity 3000K:(0.43,0.40) 4000K:(0.38,0.38)
Luminous Intensity (cd) 295
Luminaire Lumen (lm) 1180
Beam Angle (°) 120
Light sharing
Light Outlet Direct, Indirect
Number of Lamps (pcs) 1
Number of LED (pcs) 48
Life Time L80 100 000h Ta 25°C
Nominel Life Time (h) 100000
Lumen maintenance 50 000h L90
Lumen maintenance 75 000h L86
Lumen maintenance 100 000h L82
LLMF @ 50 000h 0,9
LLMF @ 100 000h 0,82
Life Time Driver 50 000h/10%
Technical data
Adjustable No
Voltage (type) AC
Voltage Interval (V) 220...240
Voltage Nominal (V) 230
Line Frequency (Hz) 50
Power LED (W) 10
Power Luminaire (W) 12,5
System Power (W) 12,5
Efficiency Luminaire (lm/W) 94
Efficiency System (lm/W) 94
Containing light source energy efficiency class (EU) 2019/2015 D
Operation and Connection
Driver Included Yes
Driver Model Constant Current
Driver Type Built-in
Driver Manufacturer Hide-a-lite
Connection (type) Quick Terminal
Connection (mm2) 4x0,5-2,5
Through Wiring Yes
Strain Relief Yes
Power Factor ʎ 0,8
Efficiency (%) 83
Power loss (W) 2,2
Leakage current (mA) (at 230 V, 50 Hz, full load) 0,0073
Standby Power 0,46
Constant Current (mA) 200
Operating Temperature -20…+40
Max. Tc (°C) 90
Dimmable No
Type of Dimming PIR Sensor
Inrush current (max/time) 16A 25µs
Mains surge protection DM (kV) 0,5
Fuse B10 (pcs) 95
Fuse B16 (pcs) 152
Fuse C10 (pcs) 95
Fuse C16 (pcs) 152
Color and material
Material Plastic
Color White
Environmental Assessment SundaHus, Byggvarubedömningen
Measurement and installation
Operating Environment Indoor / wet locations
IP Degree of Protection 44
Protection Class II
Installation Surface mounted
Mounting Installation Screw Mounting
Approval Marks CE, a Hide-a-lite Choice
Filament Test IEC 695-2-1(°C) 650
Height (mm) 61
Diameter (mm) 255
Weight (kg) 0,49

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