Q-Box Mini

Q-Box Mini is a connection box with a 2-in-1 function in plastic, for traditional through wiring to a terminal block or the Linect quick-connection system. The connection box gives a quick and tool-free installation, with 3 of 5 pole push-in terminals for through wiring and screwless strain relief for cable or flex hose 16mm. Prepared for the universal quick connection system Linect 3 and 5 pole systems and is compatible with systems on the market such as Wieland, Ensto, Wago/Winsta.


GTIN Item Name
Q-Box Mini 3-pole/Linect 7392971143804 Q-Box Mini 3-pole/Linect
Q-Box Mini 5-pole/Linect 7392971143811 Q-Box Mini 5-pole/Linect

Q-Box Mini 3-pole/Linect

GTIN 7392971143804
Item Name Q-Box Mini 3-pole/Linect
Warranty 5 years
Operation and Connection
Connection (type) Linect, Quick Terminal
Connection (mm2) 3x0,5-2,5
Through Wiring Yes
Connection Secondary (type) Open Cable End
Length Connection Secondary (cm) 30
Secondary Connection (mm2) 2x0,75
Operating Temperature -25…+45
Color and material
Material Polyamide PA6
Color White
Measurement and installation
Operating Environment Indoor / dry locations
IP Degree of Protection 20
Installation Built-in, Surface mounted
Fire Safety Marks Not in insulation without protection cover
Approval Marks CE
Filament Test IEC 695-2-1(°C) 650
Length (mm) 130
Width (mm) 85
Height (mm) 34
Weight (kg) 0,095
Min. Built-in (mm) 200x100x60
Built-in Ø (mm) 86

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