LED-dimmer 12/24V RF

Teleco. Dimmers for 12/24V DC with 3 outputs that support up to 50W/100W on each output. The masters can be dimmed with pushbuttons and/or remote controlled from one or more locations. Slave units are supplied with a sync cable for connection to the master. The RGB dimmer has functions including 8 programmable colours, automatic colour cycles with speed and dimming regulation. The RGB dimmer is available as a kit with a 7 channel hand remote control (E79 851 87). On the single-colour dimmer the power output can be divided over the three outputs or the whole power output can be fed via one output and in both cases dimmed together. The single colour dimmer has functions for on/off, dimming and scenarios.
GTIN 7392971120355
Item Name LED dimmer RGB/Monochrome/TW 12/24V RF Slave
Warranty 5 years
Operation and Connection
Color and material
Measurement and installation

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