Functional inset box of halogen-free plastic (V0) that gathers and conceals you drives in one and the same place. For installation between battens. Install your drivers on the enclosed DIN track or fasten them freely on the mounting plate. Knockouts, 4x16 mm and 1x20 mm, are present on all sides for easy installation. The insert box can easily be concealed by painting or wall-papering directly over the cover. Comes complete with 2x DIN tracks, 1x mounting plate and 1x cover and spacer.
GTIN 7392971126579
Item Name D-Box
Warranty 5 years
Light Technical Data
Color and material
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Stand-alone driver casing in white halogen-free plastic for indoor use. With push-in terminal blocks 8 x 0.5-2.5 mm² for connecting driver. Suitable for through wiring between drivers or luminaires, possible through wiring for both incoming power and lighting control. Can be used to conceal drivers or as a connection point. Q-box is most suited for use with our Jolly drivers and requires no tools. Screwless strain relief and through wiring for a service-friendly installation.


Q-Box Mini

Q-Box Mini is a connection box with a 2-in-1 function in plastic, for traditional through wiring to a terminal block or the Linect quick-connection system. The connection box gives a quick and tool-free installation, with 3 of 5 pole push-in terminals for through wiring and screwless strain relief for cable or flex hose 16mm. Prepared for the universal quick connection system Linect 3 and 5 pole systems and is compatible with systems on the market such as Wieland, Ensto, Wago/Winsta.



Convenient and discreet box for external drivers that cannot be built in or hidden away. Service-friendly with easy access to your drivers. Fits most of our drivers for indoor use, which are easily installed in the box. S-box contains quick connection terminal blocks (8x0.5-2.5mm 2) for connection of drivers and strain relief for both in- and outgoing cables. Knockouts for surface-mounted cable on the ends. Best installed over ceiling and junction boxes for concealed connection.


Spot Guard Gles

Cover intended for low-build downlights. Easy installation between secondary space boarding 28x70 mm, c/c 30 cm using click fasteners in the casing without puncturing the vapour barrier. Holes for mounting on all sides. The open connections for VP16 and VP20 on the end caps ensure a good exchange of air around the luminaire. 5 fixing brackets for alternative location of magnet searching Spot Finder without tools. Made of environmentally-friendly Polyamide PA6 that has a V0 classification and passed a glow-wire test of 950°C, as verified by Intertek.