Sono Brands

A large rectangular new construction in black with straight lines that give the impression of a state-of-the-art design.That’s what we encounter just outside the center of Tranås in Småland. The logo comes into its graphic right on the facade and is also the first thing we see in large capitals as we enter the premises. Here, above the entrance, custom-made black V-shaped profiles with striking LED strips hang from the ceiling, providing clear guidance for visitors. The products are specifically tailored to illuminate the main entrance of the building.

At Hide-a-lite, you are offered a wide range of luminaires to illuminate different places with different conditions - customizing products for a specific purpose is something we specialize in. All to facilitate, save time, and simplify installation for the end customer.


Today, lighting is subject to a wide range of sustainability aspects that affect humans and the environment in various ways. Something we at Hide-a-lite had to consider during the project was that the building would be environmentally certified according to BREEAM-SE 2017 - a Swedish version of BREEAM, which is one of the oldest international environmental certification systems used to certify newly constructed buildings and their environmental performance. It is a certification that sets strict requirements for the products and creates a property that strongly contributes to a better working environment and smarter material choices, but also represents a better investment. Newly constructed buildings and the environmental performance of the building are assessed in several areas, including evaluating and scoring the building’s material content and energy use. Through the rating levels of BREEAM-SE, the performance of a building can be compared with other BREEAM SE-acclaimed buildings of the same type, as well as the sustainability performance of a building stock.

The largest room in the building is the lunchroom, which has an open and inviting atmosphere. Alongside long ribbed walls, there are sofas and other seating areas for those who want to socialize or prefer to have private conversations.Here, the Solo Mini illuminates the wood paneling, one of the most striking surfaces in the project, contributing to several distinct light scenes with the feeling that something is happening in the room, even when daylight seeps in from a larger skylight in the middle of the day.

Tracklights on rails are a simple and highly flexible lighting solution. This has been utilized in the planning of the building’s various conference rooms where multiple tracklights are mounted as both accent lighting and general illumination. It’s easy to direct the luminaires to highlight specific areas of the room.

All of SONO brands’ rooms are carefully planned regarding surface finishes, material choices, minimalist interiors, and lighting that balances with the Scandinavian timeless building. Natural materials recur, soft shapes mixed with graphic lines complemented with plants that create peace and harmony. We’re thinking energy and sustainability - green is good, in several ways.

In the brand house’s large warehouse area, up to 600 pieces of Indline IP23 luminaires are installed.The perfect industrial luminaire in steel sheet with high efficiency that meets the industry’s needs for flexibility and long lifespan. Indline IP23 comes in several different versions and replaces T5 and T8 luminaires with lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance.


Progress of work

When we were asked to plan the lighting, SONO brands had a clear idea of which material choices and interior design would permeate the project. To this end, they had developed an inspiration document in the form of mood boards showing images, colors, and materials to convey the right feeling, including the design language in luminaires. We discussed early on about luminous lines in the ceiling and what would be prioritized regarding the lighting.

Hide-a-lite quickly became the obvious choice for developing a lighting concept for SONO brands’ newly constructed premises. Similar mood boards were sent back with luminaire selections and suggestions to match SONO brands’ thoughts and visions. The lighting resulted in a conceptual approach with relatively few different products for the different areas; entrance, offices, lunchroom, conference rooms, WC, and warehouse area.